Erli any good in 1.8? Need help with my team

Im going to unlock erlindominus this weekend, but im not sure to boost it to make it playable in my team? Is it woth it even with the cloak nerf or should I wait to unlock erlikospyx? Maybe level up monostego… Ive been strugguling lately in the arena. I thinl removing tenonto for sure and maybe magna?

I still use mine, along with indo. Currently in arena 11.

Its still useful and better than Indo in my mind

Mine still works just fine. Just don’t rely on the cloak. It’s a pretty good revenge/Draco killer at equal levels.

I’ve never used mine for the cloak really

The damage+speed+Immunity is amazing

The only circumstance that Erlikospyx is superior is when facing tanks, because it can bleed. Or when facing a fresh Thor with no IC ready so it can be distracted 75%

Well it’s better than Indo, especially in this update. I wouldn’t say it’s bad right now, but the dodge nerf certainly hurt it. I personally prefer erlikospyx but they have different strengths. Immunity is great in erlidom, and that cloaked damage is no joke, but pyx has a more diverse kit and can deal with a lot of things, chompers(distraction), tanks(bleed), dodgers(precise rampage).


I see no reason not to use both Erlidom and Spyx, its what I do!

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