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Erli vs Spyx

I am curious as to how people feel about these two. Neither seems to be in many top teams anymore. Have seen a couple of Erli’s, but almost no Spyx.

They seem pretty similar now, with Spyx having a bit of an edge perhaps. Still, he doesn’t appear on top teams. Why is that? Is it Erli’s cloak? With all the resilient strike and nullify dinos out there, it seems like that is not much of an advantage anymore.

I have both at 26/28, but have not boosted either yet. They seem even more like glass canons than before to me. Are they just done? Would love to hear some opinions,

Erlidominus’ 50% Decel resistance might be a factor. If it’s boosted enough in speed it retains the speed advantage when Decelerated. Also…the higher crit chance?


They’ll be back when Mortem start popping up probably. They got a little better with IIT change but only to revenge Maximas and not Tryko due to counter.

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I see Spyx a bit ahead. At least because versus Mortem it will survive a cleansing impact. Erlidom probably don’t. But i agree that decel resistant will help Erli in some situations

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Good point @Qaw. Forgot about the decel resistance. That could overcome the fact that it has less health and attack.

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Attack is the same for both


My bad, thought Spyx had a slight edge there.

I’d say spyx is better due to the huge advantage to hp being able to not get 1 shot and sometimes not get 2 shot

erlidom has more resistances but I have better stats and abilities

In boost-free, lvl 26 enviroment Spyx is probably better. In normal arena, Erlidom is better thanks to his 50% resisitance. If boosted enough, it acts like decel immunity as long as only one speed debuff is used


(MSS+random decel move) 129+10%=142; 142-25%=106 erlidom is always really slow…

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I vote myself!

without talking about the 1v1 matchup, in which erlikospyx wins 100% (lvl 26 without boosts)

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