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Erlidiminus and cloak

I really wonder why if an opponant does cloak I never , and I mean never get him ever with my harderds grid from my Thor.
And I do it and the first blow from the opponant blows him immidiatly to hell.
Also sometimes my Tgor never grids and my opponants 3 times in a row??
I am really surpriced sometimes and also matchmaking is stupid, last time I had to fight against a boosted Thor of level 30… whut? I am glad I have 2 of level 27 and thats not my Thor.
Also a point is the dissapering of supply drops and sanctuaries after every update, dangerous spots? Really?
In a block of houses or next to elderly block?
But on a highway I still see them, but that prob not dangerous picking spots driving 100 km /hour.
I stopped my prem allready because I only have 1 supply drop extra with it and even in really bad weather I need to go out to get something.
Sorry to say but the game is getting more and more frustating to me.

Excuse me… what?

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That’s what I thought but I just ignored it. It’s just someone complaining about RNG stuff.

I think is a perception, specially because when cloak doesn’t work it is in a losing straight so it’s more frustrating and we keep the sensation it happens more often then it really does.
I do have noticed if I start with erli and one shot my opponent with a critic or and then my opponent brings a thora and I cloak , it is when it doesn’t work, not sure if it’s a way The game tries to even things, it sucks or course but just let it go. Cloak works a lot more than it doesn’t .

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Ouch my brain

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