Erlido needs a buff

Erlidomimus needs a buff, health. I still play with it at lvl 30 and it’s impossible to play with it, 80% dinos remove dodge, decrease speed. Some have armor in bonus so with a rampage u barely hit them.
Erlikospyx has about 1000hp more at lvl 30 I don’t know why.


its cuz it would be to op with a hp buff, it has cloak, speed-increase and sitraction, and a lot of attack. i think it would make do with 3,700

Keep its health, but bring back its decel immunity. Resilient moves already de-cloak it, and remove its speed increases, but let it keep its base speed upon battle entry. That would be prime.


I think is could just switch to wild card, it’s makes sense considering it can beat quite a few resilients even with 50%, 100% Decel in exchange for maybe 1-2 speed points, I think that’s fair


Honestly, it is technically fierce-cunning, so giving it the decel immunity from its parent indom wouldn’t be that far fetched, even without calling it a wildcard


Current kit actually points to cunning in about every way, erlidom is just that versatile



Knocked speed down a bit so it has some definite counters


Excuse me if it sounds hurtful to you, but it’s stupid from where you look at it, it needs a buff and not a nerf. resilient skills already destroy it, what else do you want? If your “logic” is to have more defined counters, let’s lower the speed to magna to 126 and thus it has more defined counters :smile:

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Look at my rework again, you’ll notice a big change

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It doesn’t matter that it has complete resistance to speed decrease (it’s cunning, it shouldn’t be immune to that). the fact of having 129 makes him an accountant for magna who is in 98% of the teams, it just doesn’t justify the other


obviously there is a big change, but it is not positive at all, she is fine like this, she only needs 300 more HP (maybe less)

I think the biggest problem is how inconsistent cloak is. Even against fierce, sometimes they’ll just damage right through it. Erlidom should at least be winning those matchups, even if resilients still rightfully counter it.


True, I’ve been wondering if dodge could use a buff, since any resilient move completely destroys all that a cunning does


Yea, I know the kit is cunning, I just mean that since it has a direct parent who is fierce, that could be a way to justify decel immunity

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I don’t think it would deserve wildcard status with that moveset, even though I agree that it could do with something like that. Cunning Fierce makes more sense, but perhaps it could get a little more fierce character somewhere. If you gave it a precise move from Erliko that would be resilient, then maybe it could be considered a wildcard.

Something like:

-Piercing Speedup Strike
-Precise Distracting Strike
-Revenge Cloak

Alternatively you could give it Precise Rampage or Precise Piercing Speedup Strike.
With 100% resistance to speed decrease.


Although precise seems to be cunning too, with the Erlikos having precise rampage and precise pounce being a thing. So even that moveset could be considered pure cunning. Of course, you already know my thoughts about cunnings having precise attacks.

Here’s a hopefully good suggestion for Erlido, Gorgotrebax was recently added with the new move that does cunning+speed up.
So we can change normal Erlido speedup for the cunning+speedup and then we can change the distracting impact move to fierce impact(Because it is a hybrid of Indominus Rex it should be fierce+cunning) and also if Magnapyritor is allowed to have 100% speed decrease immunity, Erlidominus should get its 100% speed decrease immunity back.
Basically that’s my recommendation on how to make Erlidominus better, I love using my Edom, but it deserves a buff so it can be more useable. If Erlidom can’t get 100% speed decrease immunity then Magnapyritor should lose its 100% speed decrease immunity -_-, not a fan of Magnapyritor I’ll be honest.


I would be ok with this. Magna is honestly fine even with 100% deceleration immunity, so this works out too.


I think the majority of the evidence seems to suggest that precision is resilient, and pure cunning creatures having those moves is an oversight (one of many lol).

As for Precise Pounce, that would be a cunning resilient move, the same way Definite Rampage is Fierce Resilient.


That’s how I think it should be, but then the Erlikos shouldn’t have precise rampage. And they keep giving more things precise pounce. Not to mention Raking Claws. And cautious strike.