Erlido needs a buff

They could always reclassify them as Cunning Resilient. It sort of makes sense for Therizinosaurs to be dual class too, since they’re herbivorous theropods.


Thats does make sense. I just don’t think precise by itself should make something resilient though. Maybe pure cunning is right for them after all?

I don’t think cunnings should have outright dodge removal though, so changing raking claws is more important in my opinion.

But it’s a pure resilient move. A pure fierce move is usually enough for something to be part fierce, right?

I see it more like how Armor Piercing and Ferocity are pure fierce moves, but they can be found on non-fierce creatures sometimes. Or how Ludia describes speedup as a cunning move, but dig in and mutual fury both also include speedup.

True. That complicates things. Sometimes I wish we could go back to not having a typecast. Has the typecast really made the game more balanced?

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I think its made it easier to spot inbalances at least. So if they actually ironed out “errors” like raking claws that go against the class system, it would help. Of course, it doesn’t help that some classes overall are better than others.

I do agree that precise at it’s core is resilient. If a dino with neutral stats, no armor, and no resistances had only strike and precise rampage, I would call them resilient. But if precise was a major resilient trait, then every dino with cautious strike or precise pounce would be part resilient, which just doesn’t feel right. Concerning the Erlikosauruses, they can have precise rampage, but this is outweighed by their speedup and distraction to make them pure cunnings instead. But I like the idea of them being almost resilient because they’re herbivores (although I don’t like the idea that every herbivore needs to be resilient).

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Unfortunately so far their response to imbalances has been just as lacking as before.

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I always thought that how it can only cunning while one of it’s component is fierce

I’m sorry I don’t agree with that, one of the only good things about Erlido is it can get a rampage off first go, that’s why I recommended replacing distracting impact with fierce impact and adding the distraction move to speed up move to make it speedup cunning strike, or whatever the new move that Gorgotrebax has.


I agree Erlidom needs a Buff. Cloak is pretty much useless in the current meta, so it does not give any edge to Erlidom. Decel Immunity is a fitting buff and maybe a slight health boost.


What exactly would counter a decel immune erlidom besides tryko and maybe Gemini assuming erlidom doesn’t crit on a rampage?

The only reason erlidom is in a bad spot atm is the over-abundance of resilent moves. Side affect of the current meta, whats to say that creatures like tryko and tenontorex won’t lose those moves in the future?

Erlidom is a real tough one to level up and the effort that goes into it was somewhat scorned when decel was allowed in it. This effectively means it gets one shot before potentially going down against any resilient creature and a whole lot more besides.
It deserved its resistance to decel, so just give that back and it would be so much more balanced.


What exactly is so tough about lvling Erlidom? All its ingredients are currently global and were before the spawn and zone mechanics changed. Compared to the likes of Dilorach and Spyx its a cakewalk.

The decel immunity would make it op, what it would do is just make it be uncounterable by resilients IT’S COUNTERS. The reason why erlidom is weak at all is the meta. Just think of it for a sec if we had more engame fierce and they would be in use erlidom would prob be in the top 3 counters for them, but when the meta i centerd around fierce resilients(wich are mostly resilients with a few shatering moves) like maxima, tryoo, gemini, tenrex… it makes scense that a cunning like erlidom falls out of the meta and it’s a similar story with orion.

Well let’s look at it … the week before last I saw a grand total of 2 Erliko, pretty much the same every week. And I run at least one Giga a day and walk for miles.
TRex is needed too so although I see twice as many of them they are also needed for other builds.
When you compare that to Thor, Monolometrodon et al it’s obvious it should be better than it is. It requires a legendary and 2 epics to build after all!
The revenge cloak etc are pointless with so many resilient creatures so I really wish it could just go back to how it was before.


Like I said, full Decel and then it loses maybe 2 speed, I think that’s fair

I don’t think the solution is to introduce creatures that erlidom can counter, it’s to make erildom powerful so that it can counter more creatures. It’s like if you want to sell some products you want to make the sole product better, not sell other products that are worse

Since there are so many creatures with resilient moves, why not make cloak dodge 100% of the time, or keep 75% chance but Dodge 67% damage when dodging and 33% when being hit?
Cloak should at least be more effective against stuff without resilient moves


I didn’t say that they should add more endgame fierce(i mena they should) just for erlidom to counter, but if resilient moves would not remove speed increase erlidom would be faster then resilients slowing it down if he had a speedup on, and i do agree he might need a slight buff, but if the meta was not fucused on resilients as much as it is i think erlidom would be realy good, i mean he counters thorz magna monolo… resilients(and orion) are the only things wich are an actual threat

Well, in my rework I also would not keep Revenge Cloak’s ability to hit 3x, to be fair. It’s overkill for no reason. But, considering how much resilient creatures completely shut it down, the decel immunity wouldn’t be as OP as you think. Cloak would still almost never work against Resilients and its HP is so low they would still be able to take it out with relative ease, especially since top Resilients also have some sort of shielding move, some with invincibility, which completely negate Erlidominus.