Erlidom 1.5

Her name is Erika, she’s a zombie ostrich monster, she’s base-level, and she’s a perfect fit for my team. I’m in love :revolving_hearts:


Oh god… no not again

Should i post mine lol

How did you get all this Erliko DNA? I‘m struggling to get her to lvl 15…o.O


But congrats! ^^

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Mines 25 lol

I’ve lived in, or been on the border of Erlik’s zone since release I think. Even so, the golden big bird remains the rarest creature in the game for me.


What zone “exactly” does the Erlik Epic spawn in most of the time (that is when it IS found/stumbled across), PLZ I REALLY NEED to know desperately so I can make plans to go camp there for several days in a row to play the waiting game??? Very much in line like what fishermen do on a lake for exhausting hours at a time.)

I can never truly tell if I live in local 3 or local 4 or if maybe my house sits on the cusp of both… All day long I had to have seen at least a couple 100k of NOTHING BUT THESE FOLLOWING DINOS: Tarbosaurus, Einosaurus, Majundasarus, Succumis, Irratator Gen 2, and Nundasuchus!!! And maybe 1.5% of the epic secondontsaurus (sp?). I’m not including this weeks “green supply drop” Dino’s for obvious reasons. I literally drove over 300 miles doing a type of spiral maneuver outward from my house (the best way that I was able to at the very least) in the hopes of coming across an epic T-Rex and after wasting all that gas and making it back home this morning, I quite literally had to dust off my last saved “Halloween Scent” and use that to FINALLY come across at least 2 Epic T-Rex’s,4 Gorgosaurus’s, 8 Allosaurus’s, 3 V-raptors and 1 Tany. (And I accidentally found a Sincerotops hiding behind a police station in downtown Kansas City, Missouri.

Sorry I didnt mean for it to be that long and expressive lol