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Erlidom damage glitch

I try not to complain. I’ve dealt with this glitch for a long time now…
I believe the word was that Ludia fixed 30+ glitches in game during the last patch. Naturally I thought it was safe to assume that the Erlidom glitch was one of them…
It wasn’t!

I had a full health level 29 Thor take 10k damage from a Erlidom to end the game.

Ludia fix this. This problem has always been there. I think it’s for Indom Rex as well. Not sure about that though.

At 26 no boosts Erlidom has 1600 damage, Cloaks (multiplying the damage 2×, now equals 3200) and then uses it’s already 2× damage Rampage = 4×/6400 damage. Plus with a Critical hit it’s even more crazy. So… I think it’s boosted Erlidoms, which unfortunately isn’t a glitch.

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My Erl in modestly boosted and crits for 10k plus but its hardly game breaking

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Sounds about right for a boost cloaked rampage. No glitch. Take that Thor!

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There’s no glitch here. The issue is either not paying attention to the fact cloak doubles the damage on top of the x2 attack, or you’re just not calculating it correctly.