Erlidom or Utarinex?

Assume you have neither. You can create one, but not both

Which would you unlock first and why?

Erlidominus. It’s faster, immune, does more damage. It’s weakness: Faster opponents, shields. That’s about it.

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  • Faster with the potential to get even more fast than it already is for some reason
  • Immune so it can’t be slowed from its already super fastness
  • Can dodge 100% of the time if you play against me leading to a potential 2x attack
  • Can run away like a doofus only to return and do it all again.

assuming you have plenty of yellow birds?? rinex is probably easier.


Rinex. All day every day.

My reasoning (although it partially applies to my situation in particular):

Rinex doesn’t really compete for resources I have to have elsewhere. I can currently just skip the Allosino line and power him up without worry. No diverting super valuable Rex, Velo DNA.

I can’t find enough Erliko to level him up at a decent rate and he seems to be allergic to events.

Rinex turn one damage with distracting is just nasty.

Both are incredible dinos though and if you have those two as options you are doing it right regardless what you choose


Armor to an extent is an obstacle too. The same can somewhat be said for Rinex also though.

I hardly ever see either one anymore, so either route I go will be brake checked by either Sino or Erliki.
I should have the bird to 20 after I get out and spin some drops after dinner. Then I need to decide which to start fusing.

If I choose Erlidom, I will be free to use all my epic attempts 2mrw on Rex. But if I choose Uta I can go all Sino…idk what to do.

thats not plenty lol

not when its 200 a pop lol…

whats your utahsino at?

Yeah I know :no_mouth:

Epics have had me on the struggle bus since 1.4 launched. Seems to be even worse in 1.5.

Edit - my Utasino is 20, so is my Irex.

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I got matched against this team and was on the receiving end of a 9000 point crit… seeing as it was 10 times my dinos remaining HP, I felt it to be a bit overkill … needless to say, that match did not go well.


How a level 26 Erlidom is possible in the absence of erlik strike events is beyond me :man_shrugging:t4:


that erlik crit is insane lol

my 2 cents. you need both on your team asap. you can probably get rinex in and leveled nicely after this event and christmas event. just my two dirty pennies…

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I think I am going to go Utarinex first. Erliki is a day only spawn while Sino is anytime.

That and (as has been pointed out), I wont get any Erliki DNA from SE dinos or events. Because of this, I could actually take Rinex much further I think.

That immunity tho… such a tough call!

Thanks for all the input :blush:

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I am working on both now but Erlido is just 70 dna away from joining my team (just got a golden chicken 5 mins ago). And there is the case of Tryko… decisions, decisions…

Seeing your picture makes my stomach sick. Just realizing its gonna take forever for me.

yeah im with you lol. hes in the wayyyy back burner.

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