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Erlidom rework

Wish I could say the same for the ones that want to nerf Indo Gen 2. Guess there is that pesky double standard that seems to rise up to the surface.

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Not really. Everyone knows indo G2 is over powered. Erlidominus is NOT.

That is the difference.


Also, Erlidom is MUCH harder to level, so no; doesn’t deserve the nerf.


I was actually finding It very funny that someone who says Indo gen2 is perfectly countered by a Thor is now suggesting a nerf on a dino a bit weaker than Indo gen2. If you compare indo gen2’s win rate on all dinos vs erlidom’s, you’ll see how much more It can defeat. In fact, indo gen2 on 1.10 was capable of defeating every dino on this game. Gemini and Ardentis had a chance of defeating it, but indo gen2 could defeat them almost every time(the exception was mostly when they crit on the second hit or hit through evasion on the first turn). Of course, on case of Gemini, the result is a bit mixed depending on the prediction of each player. The point is, indo gen2 has no reliable counters, even less now that maxima lost definite. All analisis about a creatures’ strenght has to be done using equal levels, no boosts. Countering indo gen2 with a heavily boosted Thor is by no means valid in this kind of analisis. If you find that a creature wins all the matchups almost 100% of the time, then It is overpowered, and need to either be slightly nerfed/reworked or have some effective counters created and added to the game. Although even after realising how strong indo gen2 was, all my rework suggestions were very conservative cause i really hate harsh nerfs. The devs actually nerfed It in a completely unexpected way for me, by removing definite, i would have just nerfed cautious strike slightly. Erlidom is quite different from indo gen2 in that regard, It has quite a few very effective counters, so regardless of how much damage It can dish out with cloak, It is very much kept in check.


I mean, why not be unwilling to change things that don’t need to be changed? Erlidominus is fine the way it is now. Cloak and Rampage are some of the best things about it, why change it to make it useless? Cause “boo woo it one shots my so and so?”.


I don’t think ot needs a rework. But i have a feeling erlidominus gen 2 is coming and i think it would be indominus gen 2/erlikogamma hybrid.

I see that I don’t have to really say anything, it’s all been said lol. Erlidom is one of the most balanced dinos in the game with multiple counters. It would be bad to nerf or change her just because she can 1 shot an all maxxed boosted Thor xd


How are you all missing that this is just a salty rat lover who can’t handle his crutch being taken.


When you soften the attack, what would you call that? It’s called a nerf.

Erlidom is a glass cannon. Use instant invincibility. Shield. Cloak. Dodge.


Because never changing anything is boring.

That’s the point, that what’s it supposed to do. You are complaining about something that actually doues it’s job, and is balanced?


This is rework is ridiculous nerf. It would be the death of Erlidominus and JWA.


I’m not sure what you mean. But really why rework a perfectly balanced Dinosaur? It works not only for the Top teams, but also for the small teams.

Because if nothing ever changes, even with balanced dinos, this game won’t last too long. This community picks up their pitchforks whenever someone suggests changing a dino in any way, and it’s very toxic to the game’s lifespan. Obviously this erlidom rework is a bad nerf but it really shows the attitude this community has toward change.

I’m not gonna deny, It just shows how invested we are in the game, and erlidom is not even my favorite at all :laughing:
Though when we are talking about changing underpowered stuff like dilo, daryx, vexus, grypo, rinex, tuoro, etc, most people will want them reworked for the best. Though i think that a dino that has reached “balance heaven”(imo) like Tryko, Magna, Thor and Erlidom, should remain unchanged so the game can have some sort of stability, even If there are some slight changes or inclusion of new abilities here and there. I think changing staples too much will make players suspicious to get too invested on something and then make them get detached from the creatures and drop the game, but i might be getting too deep into this lol :rofl:


The problem here is you’re obviously not making a reasonable “for balance” suggestion, you have been perhaps the most vocal person regarding the change to DC and you were trying to make a point that fell flat. Rat was OP because it wasn’t attacking from play where strategy could be used to counter it and it was bad for the game. Erl is balanced and easily countered by a lot of dinos, armor shields dodge precise all counter Erl and Erl is in play allowing you to plan. I still see a lot of DC in Gyrosphere and people will shift boosts to its def making it a pest again but for now it’s far more balanced than ever before


Again, I don’t like this Erlidom suggestion. I think it’s too harsh for a nerf. But I do think this attitude of “never change anything that isn’t horribly broken or useless” that people on this forum have is bad for the game. I’ve noticed it in other threads. People get downright aggressive at even the suggestion of a change.


Ummm I do not use the Rat. I use other dinos in place

This suggestion is an obvious dig at the DC nerf, you even mentioned its ability to 1 shot, let’s not play ignorant here.
@bobbymcfeen- I see balance suggestions on here all the time, some are well thought out and make sense while others have clear personal motivations whether.that be their favorites or their most hated. People aren’t against change but there are some dinos which are balanced and should be held up as a gold standard and not altered.


Get an Alanky or a Trykosaur or something that uses shields and has armor , its so easy to counter