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Erlidom should have 100% Speed decrease resistance

This thing is pretty hot garbage with only just 50% speed decrease resistance, not to mention you can’t even pull off a regular cloak anymore due to the high prevalence of resilient moves and such, it’s such a frail glass cannon now that almost anything that it goes up against can practically 2 shot it, even with distracting impact; this is just another example of why Erlidom really needs 100% speed resistance. Furthermore most resilient creatures will probably still end up taking erlidom out anyways so it really wouldn’t make erlidom “OP” with 100% speed resistance, especially considering the plethora of resilient moves out there… it’s just so sad to see one of the longest top tier viable speedsters go unviable along with many other speedsters this update.


Unviable, eh? Idk about you b it my erlidom has been killing it recently. Solid damage when played right. Shame the cloak doesn’t get off much

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I’d agree with the speed immunity but it is still usable in a situational way. To go from full immunity to, for all intents and purpose, no immunity at all and removal of hit and run make without any sort of compensating buff is sad to see.

Add to that nearly half the dino roster at it’s level has been built specifically to counter it and the rest beat it anyway make it very very fragile and overall a liability to have on the team.

You could swap an Erlidom for most other dinos super hybrids and they’d do equally well or better as a team component. Speed has very little use if it is simple the first turn move order when as soon as it’s turn 2 you die without getting a hit off.

Yes, if you get lucky with her she shines. Like an opponent with no resilience creatures. Just like I got yesterday, opponent lead with thor, died, then they put in magna, died 1 shot crit, then they put in thyla, took a severe beating.

But all in all erlidom needs that immunity on speed back

She use to before 2.0 but can be slowed.

Fought a max boosted 30 erlindom with my Anky and killed it, it did distract after i sheilded then cloaked i used resiliant strike cleansing distraction and removing cloak after and killed it, i used the yawing emoji after winning lol. A Max Unique losing to a max boosted rare lol.

No speedsters have decel immunity. Its like their only counter. Be happy there isn’t an instant decrease.

Tanks would beat speedsters reagrdless of being faster or slower. Just look at magna. A speedster that both does huge damage to tanks (beats most tanks including tryko) and is immune to decel yet is perfectly balanced because of the speedsters.

Ya but it can also be distracted, has a lower crit Chance, lower attack and it can’t dodge.

Erlidom can outspeed any speedsters with MSS for days with immune to decel, and with cloak it can dodge all there attacks, and it also now has a 40% crit and an impact that distracts.

Unless you make it that it can be distracted or that it can speed up…no other speedsters besides Orion can have a chance of beating it.

But tanks would still obliterate it with armour and shields. Dodge is practically useless even with decel immunity.

ahhhh hahahaha

sorry but it has gained 40% crit rate.
Distraction move x1.5
and still many advantages…

however you didn’t complain when you could cloak 100% of the times against a Tuora like mine and winning 100% of the matches without losing more than 20/30% of Erlidominus health.

It would do half of erlidom’s hp with ss. And erlidom can’t speed up because then tuora would kill it.

True but a lot of tanks aren’t very viable in the meta, or if at all. Now for uniques that’s different tanks like olania, nemys, testa, Gemini, maxima, dioraj are either okay to great. But you also got to render erlidom is one of the easier to create uniques and lower arena people would have a hard time. Especially when tragod, ankyl, and raj go nerfs.

before update?

now many of you have to suffer what others have suffered before.

Erlidom was OP and it has been balanced however it is still great at dealing high amount of damage.

don’t know where the problem is.

Erlidom isn’t easy to create. Sure, it has 1 easy component, but rex is still pretty hard to come by and erlik is a unicorn in jwa.

Lol ya I really don’t get why ludia made every single decl move precise. I mean I get why they wanted rock, papers, scissors. But instead goes rock destroys scissors, leaving paper unchecked since scissors is just so easy to counter

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Before update doesn’t matter. Also, erlidom wasn’t even op in 1.14. You had lania, Orion, ardmax, Gemini, dio, tryko and lots of others to beat it.

Erlidom is quite easy in fact.

More difficult to create and level up was Daryx and there she is… not even close to be a Low Tyrant

Daryx deserves a huge buff imo so I don’t get what you mean. Even if erlidom got immune to decel it would be on the lower end of tyrant or maybe high apex

Not really literally sat with one gig for half an hour got two rex and on erliko, globals are not that hard to find compared to local exclusive or arenas exclusive. I mean erlidom was my first lvl 26 before even Thor and indo of all things

yes, it does matter!!

you risked leveling and boosting a dino which was clearly going to be changed at some point (also prorats users).