Erlidominius - Only Cheaters Have Them, Right?


I’ve never let one go and only have Erlikosaurus (Epic) at level 13. It needs to be at level 20 to even start fusing for Erlidominis. So only spoofers could possibly have them, right?


I’d say the same thing about utahsinoraptor @ 20 + / utahrhinex since sinotops is incredibly rare


I’m sure others have responded, but…if you buy epic or premium incubators you can get the Erlik dna. The same with all the epics. So no not just spoofers.


Considering how random DNA is in incubators, a person would spend a fortune. Now I know there are players who do spend fortunes, but there aren’t THAT many whales.


My indom is at 17 (almost 18) and my erli is at 14 almost 15… gonna be awhile for me yet


Yeah man only the spoofs have that beast for sure I been sinking major cash and time my Erlik level 12 lol


I truly believe if you want something bad enough you will go out and get it that does not make you a cheat


Just because you dont have it, if someone else has it, they’re cheating? :joy::joy::joy: where do you people find this logic lol

I dont even have erlidominus yet but im certainly grinding to make it. Ive spent quite a bit of cash and luckily after the big update, erlikosaurus is one of the epics in my zone, so I see it quite often… hopefully ill get mine eventually.

But no, not just spoofers have them.

Buying incubators, from one time offers, from the store, or speeding up arena incubators, you get a chance to get any of the dinos, so some people might get lucky with their incubators lol

Dont assume things and call other players cheaters just because you dont have something they do, that’s just childish and ridiculous and that is certainly NOT how we’re gonna keep growing this community. Have respect for others and just keep grinding it out, we’re all gonna get our dinos eventually, it takes a lot of work, either by spending real cash (which takes work to begin with) or by spending hours walking and driving around town…



It’s not about not having something, but rather the fact that there are TOO many of them, especially ones level 24+. Erlidominus requires 200 erlikosaurus + 50 indominus DNA per fuse. Do the math.


Erlindom is slightly easier to make now that raptors aren’t as common. It’s definitely very possible to have erlindom legit. I wouldn’t be that far off it but I’ve invested in trying for indoraptor first.

However, if a team has multiple powered up uniques and is lower level it’s very suspicious. The not so legit accounts are very easy to pick out.


I don’t even have Erlikosaurus. I suggest it’s time for it to be featured in an event soon.


Erlidominus take a level 20 erlikosaurus. Plus 200 for every single fuse. Need 250 to unlock it. At the rate I’ve seen it spawn, very few should have it.


Vote for Erlikosaurus! Wenn need more DNA :sweat_smile: