Erlidominus as a Thor Counter

I read a lot about how Erlidom is a great counter to Thor.
Perhaps I’m just terribly unlucky with RNG but when ever I does mines against a This the Thor just chomps right through my cloak!

I’m running a lvl 25 Erlidom with a few boosts on health, attack and speed but have yet to see her shine in battle!

Anyone else have similar problems with this situation?


Yes. Same level too, it’s just with any fierce, not only Thor.

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I think you might wanna try using distracting impact instead of cloak. Thank kill with the rampage. Also, you would need to have greater speed

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Greater speed than the thor*

Distracting impact first. Then go cloak if you need to if they still have that much hp left. Typically a DI->Rampage should do it.

Even though a successful dodge will mitigate 66.7% damage over 50% from a distract, at least the distraction is guaranteed.


Unfortunately usually a FI+IC even distracted is enough, so cloak it is.


Erlidom usually comes in to revenge kill, so I have to cloak or I’m going to eat a full IC and Erlidom’s health is too low to afford that.


I run with this erli in mid to high library and so far DI + rampage does well against the thors I meet. Has not been ko in a straight 1 vs 1, as far as I remember. Boosts is key of course.

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Cries in low level Erlindomin


Yeah I’m in the high library too and I’m nowhere near a fully leveled Erlidom. Cheers to that thing tho.


Yea if health is a weak spot, then cloak might be a better option. And take a gamble with rng.

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I think I need to get the speed up a bit more. 139 at then moment so when I’m facing nitro Thors distraction isn’t an option, straight to cloak which usually gets me eating in one big fat Thor bite!

Really annoying that you have to apply so much boost to what on paper is the designed Thor counter :frowning:


On the other hand, you don’t need to use as many boosts. DI, Rampage, or DI, Cloak Rampage should work.

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Thanks everyone. Just need to get the jump on these Thors to avoid the first attack takedown:)

I’m in aviary, my 22 can mostly take out thors a few lvl higher(think i took out a few 26 beyond that is just scary), u do need to get lucky with the cloak, but if u are using a similar lvl DI and rampage will take it out. But yeah works for sure, wich is another reason i was confused about how people freaked out about the 50% dot resistance on thor.

Those were players who used Spinoconstrictor as the Thor counter

Another thing i didn’t understand is how people were saying constrictor will no longer counter thor, wich unfortenetly is true, but IF IT GETS DESTROYED BY EVERYTHING IN THE META Y WOULD U LVL IT UP JUST TO COUNTER THAT ONE SUPER ANOYING DINO.
Seriualy if somone lvld up constricror just to counter thor that may be a problem on its own, thor has so many other counters. And another thing is the only reason thor is in use is cause it counters the resilients, if cunning were more in use it would most likley suck

You’d be surprised how many top players in this forum “advise” building lower tier creatures just to counter Thor. It’s so shortsighted and negligent.

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I mean idk, maybe i was an idiot maybe it’a not ak bad i saw a 5/top10 use nemys problably ro counter something maybe thats why they nerfed it, it counterd something ludia thought it shouldn’t counter.

Indy seems to always chomp through cloak too, mine and others. It don’t really mater tho cuz no erlidom is surviveing my 8000 to 15000 damage even with cloak . It only 25, it gonna be a beast