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Erlidominus attack

Is there a reason I’m not seeing why the erlidominus is 16xx attack and does rampage and gets 60xx damage. My math says it should be max 40xx with crit. It’s it a glitch? Mine does that also sometimes so it goes both ways.

Because the cloak gives it 2x boost, then rampage gives another 2x boost.

(1,600 x 2 = 3,200) x2 = 6,400.

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Thanks. I missed that. I may start using cloak more often!

and that’s with no crits, shld hit 9k+ attack if cloak rampage+crits.

And the max for a L30 B10 Erlidom with post-Cloak crit is 16,410. Max I’ve been hit with is 12,900, which I don’t recommend sustaining if you can avoid it… although it was truly awesome to see.

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