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Erlidominus buff!

Ignore the speed buff on the counter, it does nothing, its supposed to be an immunity.
What do yas think?
It loses to Mammolania, tryko, ardentis, gemini, dio, and entelolania. Haven’t tested the others yet.

Edit: nerfed the cloak slightly, and nerfed speed reduction resist, so it loses to ardentis.


hold up, just realised my mistake. lemme fix

I think it is good. You can just change the 75% to 100%


Sucks that you can’t kill anything with 4500 anymore with only strike+ramp and gotta use impact unless crits but still a chance of not. but i like hp buff and speed

But keeping it at 75% actually gives it counters. Now, if immune to speed decrease, it will be too OP

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i can raise the attack if you want, just felt like it was too op with this buff.

And yay, someone else who likes Wings of Fire on the forums!

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Maybe increase attack to 1500

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Wings of Fire SLAPS

Your most favorite dragon?

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Qibli, i like the relationship between him and Moon

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Yup, Qibli is smart. I like Moon the most. Did you read Book 14?

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no :frowning: dont have it

no spoilers lol

Also, maybe give Erlidominus Minimal Speedup Strike

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I won’t spoil, don’t worry! I have the whole collection anyhow

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i thought about that, but with the immunity, and its speed buff, it would be too op. Plus, it can now reduce dinos damage to 0

same, i have all of the main series except 14

Right. Cloak increases speed, or Sidestepping Cloak, I shall say

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yeah, i also gave it 1 more base speed