Erlidominus counter?

I always have problems when summertime brings it a Erlidominus. I have Trkyo and immediately switch to him. However, if he’s not available, I’m going to get railroaded. What other counters do you use for Erlidominus? I think that Diorajasaur would work, but I don’t have him yet

Dioraja is great counter yeah. Monostego is good too. Thor can take care of it.

Tragodistis aswell

Stegodeus and basically every other good tank

Carnotarkus will also be a good counter at a decent level. Put up shield after the initial 2x rampage, your counter will knock 33% HP off Erlidom, then shield will knock off 1x.

Then if Erlidom does speed-up or hit n’ run the shield and 20% armour will help to keep Carnot alive, as long as its health is high enough, then the 33% counter and your next attack will kill Erlidom.

If Erlidon uses hit n’ run, there’s a chance your counter will kill Erlidom before it runs if it has less than 1/3 HP left.

Carnot will need to be decent level with a few boosts though, but still a good counter.

However, its isn’t necessarily a good counter to use as a “swap-in” unless you swap in when Erlidom has less than 1/3 HP remaining as counter would kill it.

Grypolyth too

I have several counters in my team: Monostego, Dioraja, Tryko, Magna (if boosted to faster than Erlidom and with HP high enough to take damage from rampage).
Dinos with shields and armour are also good counters: Stegod, Tragod, Megalo
I don’t think Thor is a counter. Erlidom usually cloaks when Thor is out.

Stegodeus always gives mine a hard time

Quetzorion seems tailor made to beat Erlidom

Agreed with Quetzorion

Yes quetzorion 100%

Alankylosaurus is a pretty perfect counter

Dioraja is great, anything with instant invincibility is good. I also like tragod against it or a faster Erlidom

I normally use my Ankylosaurus kentrosaurus (try-something-or-other)

It has the HP to take a few rampages and with instant shield can take out or cripple erlidomis

Quetzorion, Alankylosaurus, Trykosaurus, Dioraja, Grypolyth, and most tanks

Quetzorion seems like it was made to couter Erlidom

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