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Erlidominus deserves armor piercing rampage

It’s a legendary and epic fusion, i rex has armor piercing rampage, how come after becoming a unique creature it gets downgraded to rampage? With armor piercing rampage it can easily take down a lot of annoying armor creatures. Defense shattering rampage would be too strong for considering it has cloak yeah but I think definitely armor piercing rampage


I agree is bad if not the worst unique and one of the most difficult to create and level up, he have low life, low speed, and low dmg vs tanks i have one at 23 and have it in my team only because is a unique and is cool xd

This is one of the reasons why ill be creating, but not levelling this dinosaur! Its pretty sad when a unique isn’t even all that useable!

Edit: Then again 2 of the base Dinos that its made from (Part Raptor and part Erlic) don’t have armour piercing attacks so, and only Indominus does, so in fairness its genetics are against it when it comes to whether it gets armour pierce or not =/

But Erlidominus contain Trex DNA, that’s a part of. I-rex.

Although I-rex itself didn’t inherit that defense shattering, at least give Erlido bypass armor should be appropriate.

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I think too many dinosaurs have armor piercing skills, which make armor useless.

Velo doesn’t have armor piercing attack but i raptor does