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Erlidominus Dodge


I’ll be honest, I got erlidom yesterday and haven’t gotten a dodge since. Feels like rng hates me, so decided to change the moves…


Dodges never work for me either. I feel like luck is never on my side in this game :joy: I think since the 1.6 update my stubs haven’t been working as well, either. I’ll try to be patient and wait out the bad luck.


Rng doesn’t like me recently not just dodging but everything like dna from epic incubators or fuses but later it will be good again seems to be in waves of good and bad rng


I mean that’s y u shouldn’t rely on the dodge when using erlidominus. Most ppl don’t rly use it right away.


I don’t, and I know it’s 50-50 but I had it for 24 hours no dodges at all. I finally got some earlier. Also, that thing has a cloak crit rampage of 7056 level 21, more than T. rex dsr crit.

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Gain 0% chance to dodge…


Same for me. Just got it and I feel like I’m playing Russian roulette alone lol. Maybe it will do better with higher HP?


That’s what I’d like to think! I find that when I’m facing a player with a higher Dino than mine, even 1 level up, their stuns and cloaks etc always work and mine rarely do. :woman_shrugging:t2:

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Haha don’t worry that’s how it goes for me.

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I just created and leveled mine as well, been using it in strike towers. And a few friendly battles. It has not dodged once. Spiteful chicken.


Lol It’s basically Monomimus but with more damage. I’d like to see it get DSR and a slight health boost