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Erlidominus Event


Do you think that there should be an event to create Erlidominus for the next Featured creatures week in a future update? The reason I ask is because, I didn’t get a chance to dart one on today’s event.


Nah the arenas will be flooded by them. We just had events with Erlikos, I think a few weeks or even months will pass until we get another one.
And I‘m fine with it. :wink:

Would rather like to see more Anky, or even Stygi since I still haven‘t created Tuoramoloch.

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What do you mean you didn’t get the chance to dart it? It was one of the five uniques available.

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What I mean is this; I got were three Thoradolosaurs, One Indoraptor, and One Diorajasaur on a 10-15 drive back home.


Ok, yeah it was tough to find what we’re looking for, but the options were there, you decided to dart those dinos instead of looking for erlidom and dart it

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Yeah I cruised thru Bremen for some hours until I had Dioraja and Tryko, but it’s been totally worth it!


I guess I’ll just have to level my Erlikosaurus to 20 to get my Erlidominus. Probably, no other choice.


Maybe they should put Erlidominus and Erlikosaurus on an Easter event this year, if I’m lucky. They should.