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Erlidominus (File 05 artistic concept)

These are dinosaur concept teasers that should be coming to JWTG!
ATTENTION: the Indominus Rex ALREADY has a super hybrid (Indoraptor) but since there are few super hybrids I thought that a hybrid (like in JWA) can have more super hybrids!
Admire the beautiful ERLIDOMINUS!


Super Hybrid: Indominus Rex + Erlikosaurus S-DNA
Erlikosaurus S-DNA

S-DNA cost: 3500 / 1500
Here are the statistics:

Level 10


Level 20


Level 30


Level 40


Do you want this creature added?
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Which creature would you like to come out?
  • A new Cenozoic with a new animation!
  • A new VIP herbivore!
  • A new RARE carnivore with a new animation!

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As much as i would like erlidominus it just isn’t possible as of now . We don’t even have s dna for epic creatures and hybrids can as dinosaurs only have one creature to fuse. So the only way erlidominus can appear is if we get s dna for glass cannon creatures and second hybrids for each creature


Let me guess arctops is the rare

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I wanted at all costs to include this creature!
Are the statistics okay?

You know a lot, it seems!
In your opinion which is the VIP herbivore!

It’s damage is a bit weak for a hybrid with tourney creature dna. It should be something between indo gen 2 and indo gen 1

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I would guess either torosaurus or Polacanthus we don’t have a vip creature for ankylosaurs and ceratopsids

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The cenozoic would either be haast eagle or carbonemys

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The rarity of S-DNA does not affect super hybrids!

Yes but still he should be stronger

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On the Cenozoic you are right, but in the herbivore you are far away!
I’ll give you a clue: on JWTG there is only one thing that has the soul of this next VIP!

Indoraptor = 27147
Indoraptor gen 2 = 28090
Erlidominus = 28500

I would say it is strong enough!

I don’t know. The only other herbivore herbivore creatures i can see are ornithomimus, miragaia and scolosaurus

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Ok. Then it’s alright

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Precisely! :+1:

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Welcome back friend, I was starting to miss you! :wink:

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Thank you @tommy_paoli very much its good to be on the forum again.

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