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Erlidominus (File 05 artistic concept)

Shouldn’t erlidom be a herbivore? Because of the therizino model.

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I made a mistake that I thought I had already corrected, sorry!

normally no, it is a carnivore, but, according to the animation code, yes, would be a herbivores, you know., in JWA, there are no carnivores, herbivore etc as type, no, there is to cunning, resilient and fierce.

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I solved, tell me if it’s okay!

Very perfect.:ok_hand:

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It looks great!

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I like this but can indominus have two superhybrids?

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no but why not erliphosaurus with indominus s-dna.


but since erliphosaurus is carnivorous, are you going to say it’s not going to work? anyway there is a lot of weird stuff with JWTG hybrids, EX: the ostafricasaurus which has a spinosaurus and microposaurus animation which has a crawling crocodile animation makes a hybrid with a walking crocodile animation or so koolaSUCHUS and sarcoSUCHUS have a hybrid named koolasAURUS .