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Erlidominus GEN-2 Concept

I noticed we have the Indominus rex GEN-2 and the Indoraptor GEN-2 but no Erlidominus GEN-2. So I took it upon myself to make a quick concept of it, including a quick doodle of it on my phone

Erlidominus GEN-2
Rank: Legendary
Stats at level 26:
Heath: 3000 Damage: 1450
Armor: 0% Crit. Chance: 30%
Speed: 130
Cunning Strike
Mutual Fury
Cloak/Revenge Cloak
Full Resistances: Distraction, DoT, Swap Prevention, Stuns
Partial Resistances: Rend (33%), Deceleration (50%), Crit. Reduction (50%)

Here we have a creature that functions very similarly to the Unique Erlidominus while maintaining the self-boosting capabilities of the Indominus GEN-2 tree. Though it isn’t as heavy on the distraction as Erlikosaurus GEN-2 and Erlikospyx, it makes up for it in damage and speed that’s also seen in its Unique relative. It isn’t a completely perfect hybrid, but it’s sure to be a menace to many Fierce creatures!