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Erlidominus gen 2 idea

I wanted to create more gen 2 hybrids because we only have 2 so I have created the Erlidominus gen 2

@GhastBusters @Snake_Dude @Blacksaber @Apple @DragonWarrior @Saurus14 @Suchomimid @E.D


whats the tags for? did they all contribute in making it?

No it is something you do when you want to include somebody

to seek approval from them? what makes them so special lol

Because they like suggestions and some of the people who like me a lot

I like it! Not too weak and not too OP. :slightly_smiling_face::+1:

Although I don’t see why anyone would care about you tagging people, I don’t think anyone on this forum really dislikes anyone even if they disagree with them. I wouldn’t spend any time worrying about it


You know what how about we just talk about my amazing idea

I would maybe swop minimal speed up strike for distraction. Since you have the speed up on the MF
But looks good, wish the unqiue had precise rampage.

I like it. In my opinion, you should raise the health to 3450.

It should have a distraction or dodging move (More than just cloak) to make it a real cunning. Maybe changing minimal speed up strike for cunning strike or give it precise pounce instead of just precise rampage.

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erlindonimus gen 2


Looks like a better version of dilorach, I feel bad for dilorach man was one of the top 5 creatures in the game and it now its in the bottom 5 for unqiues.