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Erlidominus is broken

Erlidominus is broken every time it uses cloak against indominus rex and rex also uses cloak indominus always hits erlidominus. This does not happen with any other creature than erlidom. Ludia plz fix this. I love this dinosaur but can enjoy it bc I always face indominus. It is extremely annoying to indominus now.

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That annoying emoji
Well,… It’s not broken it’s based on luck since you have 75%chance to dodge

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cloak only lasts untill your next attack. Erlidom is faster so after its attack, cloak wears off.


Unfortunately, we all have those days where RNG just decides to be a jerk.

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Your cloak disappears after you use your attack. Since you are faster, you go first then your cloak disappears and then Indo goes so his attack hits you with with full force.

It is not 75% dodge every time indominus hits when we both do cloak I don’t hit indominus and it always kills me.

We both have the same stats for cloak so if cloak wears of for me than why not for him?

because you attacked first. it lasts until the user attacks.
Turn 1: Erlidom uses cloak. Indom uses cloak
Turn 2: Erlidom attacks. Erlidom’s Cloak effect ends. Indom attacks. Indom’s cloak effects end.


Hmm ok I guess maybe that’s just bc I’m faster so mine wears off first before his does

Thanks guys I have a better strat now when facing indominus I can distract him first than do cloak get the doge and distraction on him than kill him with rampage


yeah. being in a cloak dual is tricky. you definitely want to cloak second in this case.

as indom user, indom some creatures including indom and erlidom usually pass cloak, meanwhile indo cant do a thing when there is a dodge user. allosino and thor do too.

One thing I will say is erlidoms rampage should be precise rampage