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Erlidominus level up


Because of the new update coming soon, is there any point in fusing for Erli. I know it won’t be completely useless.


It’s still a great dino as in many scenarios it doesn’t have to use cloak to win, but sure it’s harder if you want to use it in a risky fashion.

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Its great for its speed, first turn damage and ability to run away; I don’t tend to use cloak to evade; I use it to double the damage if I need to hit harder and know it can take a hit IF they punch through cloak. So no real change for me (and there are only a limited number of creatures using the new anti-cloak moves). I’m more concerned that its speed advantage will be reduced by boosts so it will need its own to retain that fabled speed.

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For me it all depends on if Erliki sticks around for awhile as the daily reward.

I will be unable to level it otherwise, due to the broken spawn mechanics. :neutral_face:


I have the same issue, but i’m saving coins for the update. So i dont level up my dinos at the moment.


Erlidom is insane.
My favorit team member. This undead chicken is 24 and will stay till 30.
I very rarely use her clock anyway. She is a monster, even without her clock.

Also there are very few dinos with the new anti clock skills (At least meta relevant).

So level her up you wont regret it. I promise.

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K thanks will do. I see your point it is a monster without cloak, but once the update hits, if I boost health, it could become even more useful

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