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Erlidominus or Indoraptor?

I was wondering who would be better to get, Erlidominus or Indoraptor? I have almost enough Erliko DNA to start fusing and my Indominus is at 18, so I wanted to know from people who already have them, which is better to invest in?

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If you gotta chose. Erlidom. Indoraptor has lost a lot of relivence lately. Also Erlidom has immunity and the highest possible damage per shot in the entire game


I was leaning towards Erlidominus anyways, since he seems to, at least for me, drain less resources than Indoraptor.

Yeah. Good idea

But if Indoraptor was better than I would’ve gone for him

Sadly he is not. Even in Metahub Erlidominus is higher than indoraptor. And indoraptor will probably move down even more in the future.

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Thanks for the fast response by the way, and of course, the good advice.

Indominus all the way. Way harder to get Erli to higher levels while T-rex and velociraptor DNA is easy to find. My Indominus still does pretty good at the 5300 trophy ranks.

I was asking which dino to get, Indoraptor or Erlidominus, I wasn’t talking about Indominus, I only mentioned his level to show how close I was to fusing. But I get your meaning, he is a beast, I plan on getting him higher to maybe keep him on my team.

From my observations erlidominus gets one shotted every time he casts his cloak. Don’t get me wrong she’s a good investment. Indoraptor’s cloak seems to be a bit more resilient. Although unless he’s boosted will receive two hits before your first attack occurs.
I rarely use erlidominus’s cloak because of this.
I like indoraptor as a starter dino, but passing up erlidominus is a big mistake.

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They each play a different role on a team. Erlidom being the faster dino that can put out a lot of damage at the sacrifice of health. I don’t usually cloak unless it’s a hail mary move or I know I will survive a hit from their dino (like Dilorach). Indoraptor is more versatile with the cleansing and shattering moves. I also don’t like to use evasive unless it’s absolutely necessary, but when it does decide to dodge it can wipe out teams sometimes.

I think Indoraptor is better overall, especially in the lower arenas. Each have their weaknesses (Erlidom against sheilds and armor and Indor against nullifiers) so it’s really more about which will work best in your team composition more than which is the “better” dino. I saw someone reference the Metahub tier list and while Erlidom is higher on it, it doesn’t mean it’s the best fit for all teams. Same goes for Indoraptor.


Thanks for the input, I plan on getting them both eventually but for now I was deciding on which would be better to get first, and it seems Erlidominus would be easier for me right now.

Sorry…i meant Indoraptor :smiley: Almost everyone has him and he can kill a tryk but Erli is Tryk food.