Erlidominus’ Rampage

Lineage-wise, Erlidom should have Armor-Piercing Rampage or at the very least, Precise Rampage.
Resilient creatures already have the huge advantage of being able to uncloak it and slow it down in the same turn, and with that abysmal HP, it’s usually fodder in turn 2. Not to mention, a lot of these Resilients can throw up a shield too. Armor-Piercing would at least make it a bit more viable in turn 1. Precise would at least make it more effective against dodgers, and keep that Erlikosaurus flair.



I’ve been a big Erlidom fan and user for a long time and I have to say, in it’s current form in the current meta it is pretty trash and partly because of the speed resistance being 50%. Anything slightly speedie with resilient outspeeds it after turn one (if it survives turn 1).

Pretty much all end game uniques wipe the floor with it and the few it can beat it is down to them not criting.

It needs a buff or rework. Although cunning as a whole is pretty dire, raptors are useless, dilos are weak and eliks are somewhere in the middle.


-I’m really confused. Rampage and Precise Rampage do the same thing ever since they changed a few things up. “Precise” now means nothing. The players have been collectively using the term from its PREVIOUS glory for much too long now. They are functionally the same. Doesn’t go through cloak/dodge.-

-I really hope they either clean up the names of these moves or give Precise moves the precision they actually had back because it’s really frustrating to read “give it Precise” and other such things when it DOESN’T EXIST ANYMORE.-

EDIT: I’m an idiot. It just doesn’t specifically say Precise goes through cloak and dodge like it USED TO. It just implies that Precise is a term everyone knows the definition of. I was cross-checking these for 10 minutes and thinking I was absolutely bat-crazy because I couldn’t see any wording that was different. My eyes went slow but my brain was fast and inaccurate.


Erlidominus isn’t that bad now, but I have noticed that I’m cloaking much less often. I’m not sure these solutions will help with that though. Precise rampage only helps it against cunning, and Armor Piercing Rampage isn’t even available turn 1 because of the delay. So it’s turn 1 might actually be worse, but it’s turn 2 would be better. That said, I often use turn 1 to revenge kill with minimal speedup strike or set up distraction, so it might not be that bad.


True. Lately, Erlidom has seemed really squishy in that it’s not able to stand against dinos like it used to. The point about not being viable against Resilient is a very fair statement and I would agree with it. It does need some sort of precise or addition such as armor or shield breaking.

Not to mention that half the time the cloak fails and now it can be ruined by speed slowdowns.

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Precise DOESN’T bypass dodge and cloak? It definitely still does. That’s literally the only thing that’s different between it and the standard rampage.


I didn’t even realize Precise doesn’t have that effect anymore. Makes no sense to have that title or that sniper looking accent on the attack itself. How frustrating.

Completely agree. At the moment, I created one for the sole purpose of taking out Thors, and more often than not, I get one shot right through it.

It’s a shame that a move like that is such a gamble, I would gladly take 100% chance to dodge 67% of the damage over making my attack 3x next turn. Make it 2x again, 100% chance of 67%, and have the revenge effect just for the cool down.

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I don’t think it should get armor piercing. It claws would most likley break realisticly againt the armor of an anklyosaurus plus the erlikosaurus part is more apparent.

I think the moveset is also based on the design. For example indominus doesn’t have distract cuz it looks more like trex. This is why indo has the head of a rex so its rampage is armor piercing while its body is a raptor which is why it is fast and has evasive stance. This is also why erlidominus doesn’t have armor piercing cuz it wouldn’t make sense for the design since it has a herbivore head and its claws wouldnt be able to pierce armor.

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Yeah I think making it 100% dodge would be really nice, especially since it can be removed so easily/frequently now. I can’t tell you how many times a Thor has killed me when the dodge fails. It might even be able to keep the 3x revenge damage, but 2x is usually plenty anyway. So I would be content with your suggestion.

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Okay, fair enough. Its sharp claws should be able to rip open a shield though.

Also, being a nimble creature, it could have a swap in of 100% chance to dodge 66.7% damage.

I edited my earlier reply. Yes, I am an idiot. The wording is no longer extra-long to specify what precise does. It is now an easily-missed keyword snuck in there and implied that all know what it does.

Now I’m particularly upset with myself because I was so sure of myself to be careful reading it but, alas, no. Again, I’m an idiot. I’m sorry.


Resilients have a 100% chance to cleanse their distraction and remove your cloak/dodge. Erlidom should at least have more oomph against Fierce creatures, rather than just be subject to RNG. Especially when it’s HP is so low but Thor has the same 40% crit chance and just got a health buff and the return of its rampage to boot.


No worries, I’ve misread things tons of times. If they HAD removed preciseness from precise attacks, I would be pretty upset too! And you still make an excellent point about them “cleaning up” some of their older moves.

I’d say no to anything other than normal rampage.


Yeah sometimes it’ll kill you even when your dodge DOES work. It just needs more reliability for the risk. At least Evasive Stance sets up dodge for multiple turns, and Evasive Strike/Impact do direct damage. I would treat cloak more like Sidestep, since it’s a setup move and only dodges for one turn. Plus, you’ll still take some damage anyway.


It still needs something though, whether it be adding a shield breaker, or swap in 100% chance to dodge or sidestep… or maybe just another 550HP. :upside_down_face:

Or at the very least, give it back its 100% speed decrease resistance.

I wouldn’t say it needs a shield breaker though. Despite some fierce ancestry, it is still a cunning, so it doesn’t really need to have that option against resilients. Resilients should counter it, but even not accounting for them, cloak is often to risky to actually use.


If it’s really cunning, it should find a way around the shield LOL.


Lol maybe I’m real life, but unfortunately games still require balance :sleepy:

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