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Erlidominus VS Indoraptor The "Movie" Part 1

Indoraptor: I’m the perfect predator.

The camera cuts to indoraptor slaughtering a stegosaurus.

Indoraptor: Most other carnivores my size seem to agree. However, one of them…

Camera cuts to Erlidominus.

Indoraptor: My supposed relative… Does NOT.

Erlidominus: You really think you’re the most dangerous carnivore on the planet? I can do your job better.

Erlidominus: Everyone else was thought he was SO strong, when I was clearly the tougher one.

The camera shows Erlidominus slashing a T-Rex to the face.

Both: I’d had it up to here with this guy.

Both: Until one day…

Indo can be seen stalking the forest for his next victim. Suddenly, Erlidom jumpscares Indo out of nowhere.

Indoraptor: WOAH! Jeez dude, you could’ve told me you were gonna show up!

Erlidominus: That doesn’t matter… I’m here to finish the business.

Indoraptor: What do you mean?

Erlidominus: To find who is the most powerful of the Indominus’ successors…

Indoraptor: So what do you want? Like a series of challenges?

Erlidominus: No… a fight…

Indoraptor: Huh. Well a little spoiler alert: ya don’t stand a chance.

Erlidominus: I’ll show YOU who doesn’t stand a chance…

Erlidom rushes to slash Indo, who easily dodges and slashes Elridom in Strike style, knocking Erlidom to the ground.

Indoraptor: Honestly, I’d reckon giving up. Not too late, ya know.

Erlidominus: Don’t be too sure of yourself.

Erlidominus disappears out of thin air, leaving the raptor confused. Suddenly, he is slashed from behind, and he tries to hit the invisible target, but misses. Erlidom slashes him a few more times before ending off in rampage style.

Indoraptor slides to recover, and runs towards his opponent at an insane speed.

Both clash for a while, before both stop to rest.

Indoraptor: Had enough?

Erlidominus: Just getting started…

Both go at it again, with a lot of slashing, smashing, and a few more violent acts…

Indraptor: Well then… I think it’s time we kick it up a notch…

Erlidominus: What are you getting a-

Before Erlidom could finish the thought, Indoraptor’s stripes flare before changing to look more flamish. The Untamable Theif was at Evo 2.

Indoraptor: Let’s see you keep up NOW.

To be continued…

How are you liking the movie so far?

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  • Could be better by part 2.

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Awesome work! I bet in my story that Indoraptor and Erlidomimus often argue of camera hahaha… sibling rivalry…


Utarinex exploding in your story was actually hilarious… lol


What if maybe @Grym_REDACTED did the extra evos. I’d like too, but they have a lot more skill than I do

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Well you can’t say he didn’t have it coming

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That poor stegosaurus :slightly_frowning_face:

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what is EVO 2?

An evolution from Jurassic World The Game, I made this one more interesting than the usual JWA Battle

im sorry? what is this?..oh you want me to do something about this. I mean…i could…but I don’t have time for that yet, nor…

It’s ok, I’m just not very good yet, and you’re the best artist that I think can do it