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Erlidominus VS Indoraptor The "Movie" Part 2

Back to where we left off.

We see Evo 2 Indoraptor and Erlidominus in a classic stand-off.

Evo 2 Indoraptor: This might be a good time to give up. The amount of power I have now is something you’ll never be able to achieve.

Erlidominus: You say that… but I’ve still killed far more dangerous creatures than you… you should be no different than that T-Rex.

Evo 2 Indoraptor: Bring it on!

The two lunge at each other, trading slashes, smashes, and more violent acts. Indo catches Erlidom in a swipe, bite, smash, and tail whip combo, knocking Erlidom to a tree. Erlidom reacts by cloaking and rushing towards Indo, slashing him a couple times, but unlike last time Indo can almost track him. He dodges a few slashes, but not all.

Erlidominus: My cloaked state is something you can’t deal with!

Evo 2 Indoraptor: We’ll see about that!

Both trade more blows, before Erlidom knocks Indo over a cliff, causing him to fall over.

Erlidominus: Did I win?

Evo 2 Indoraptor: SIKE!

Indo grabs Erlidom, and drags him, causing them both to roll down the cliff and crash.

Erlidominus: That’s it.

Erlidom grabs Indo, and the screen fades to dark.

To be continued…

Who will win in part 3? Place your final bets!

  • Erlidominus
  • Indoraptor

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I legit thought that erlidom was gonna go all “long live the king” on Ripper when he fell off the cliff

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