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Erlidominus VS Indoraptor The "Movie" Part 3 (Finale)

Back to where we left off.

The black screen fades back to normal, and we see Erlidom and Indo in a deserted lab.

Evo 2 Indoraptor: Huh. Deja vu.

Erlidominus: Enough of this, man. You know, once I’m in cloak, NOTHING can stop me… This is where it all ends… this will be your last… and final battle.

Evo 2 Indoraptor: Don’t know about that, Erlidom.,

Erlidom rushes towards Indo to slash him, but this time he is unfazed.

Erlidominus: What?

Indoraptor: You know Erlidom…

Indoraptor’s stripes change again, turning him into Evo 3. With this, he knocks him into a wall.

Evo 3 Indoraptor: I don’t do this very often.

Indoraptor’s stripes become truly flamish, and gains a different face color, becoming Evo 4.

Evo 4 Indoraptor: You can’t stop me, Erlidom.

Erlidominus: We’ll see about that, Indo!

Erlidom cloaks and rushes towards Indo.

Evo 4 Indoraptor: Oh, cloak again? Not this time.

Indoraptor echolocates and hits Erlidom, knocking him out of the cloaked state. He then rushes towards Erlidom, and the screen flashes with a slash. Erlidom looks at Indo, confused.

Erlidominus: Um, what?

Indoraptor: lol.

Turns out Indoraptor placed a bomb on Erlidom. This makes Erlidom angry, and tries to end it.

Erlidominus: That’s it, I’m ending this right here, right now!

Evo 4 Indoraptor: Don’t even try it!

Indoraptor slashes Erlidom, and kicks him towards another wall.

Erlidominus: No, this is not how it ends… this can’t be!

Evo 4 Indoraptor: Sorry dude, but there’s only room for one apex predator here. And that’s ME.


Indoraptor rushes out of the lab, an explosion following. He only just makes it out before the screen fades to white…

You may now take off your headsets.

Erlidom and Indo take off their VR helmets, and Erlidom is not happy about what happened in the simulation.

Erlidominus: Do you KNOW how hard you cheated? Planting a bomb on me? What even was that?

Indoraptor: Hey, all’s fair.

Erlidominus: Untamable Theif? More like Untamable CHEATER! And another thing-

Indoraptor just walks out the VR room into the forest where he climbs a rock. He jumps into the air with a screech, happy with his triumph.

The End

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I was so mad about the bomb mess, but the ending happened. Also it’s a tad unfair that indo gets evos but I can see why

Awesome work!

To be fair, Erlidom’s cloak state gave him double damage this time, like in the game.

But compare that to how the evos scale a creatures power, from 1 to 4 a creatures power amplifies 6-fold from its original

I made up a name for my own creature battles