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Erlidominus VS Indoraptor The "Movie" Trailer

As we get closer to episode 25 of JWA Battles, I will make a movie between Erlidominus and Indoraptor. It’ll be a 3 part battle, even though I’ll probably somehow get all scenes into one place. These movies will be a bit of a wild card and won’t make as much sense, but will be a fun thing.

Don’t forget to leave “Movie” ideas.


The movie starts with a humble goat that is eating from fresh grass. The audience suddenly hears crashing as a Trex bursts through the trees as the goats attempt to run the Trex laughs as she eats the goats like pieces of pop corn that you ate while watching those movie ads. We only see 2 goats that must embark on an adventure in order to obtain the power of lord lythronax a great lord that blessed all of goat kind. When there is only one goat that can receive the power the goats decide to fuse together and take the power as one. The goat now whole must duel the Trex in one final battle.

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Which one do you all like better? I wanna know so I can see if you’ll be happy or upset with the ending lol

  • Erlidominus
  • Indoraptor

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Ok that’s weird. Not spoiling it tho.