Erlidominus vs Indoraptor


Just wondering, is Erlidominus or Indoraptor better?


In theory indoraptor is better but at the end is a rng match for who dodge more


defensive shattering rampage on indoraptor makes it better.


I have never lost to erlidominus. Not once. Indoraptor is the real deal


Neither have I, but I played at a lower bracket than you (~4500) and only ever encountered erlido twice.

That being said, indo’s kit is much better than erlido’s. Defense shattering rampage on a dino that fast and that hits that hard is just too good.


I lost vs a lot of they even if my indoraptor is 25 and elridominus can be 21, if he dodge and increased his attack speed and then i dont dodge the devastation im done xd


So how about those two compared to their mother the Indominus Rex?


They are Much better, indominus isnt great, at least no meanwhile he havent shatering skill, if only she has shatering on basic attackx1 he will be much better


Really? Indominus works pretty well for me at least in Arena 7. Has good matchups against most dinosaurs apart from Stegod Giga and Nodopato.