Erlidominus way scarier than tryko

At least as far as Im concerned. At least i can bleed a tryko…


Exactly what I worry. It outspeed my entire team and most of time my tryko could only see it cook my team and wasn’t able to stop it. That thing’s like Kobe Bryant and usually took 2.5 my dinos to trade for its retirement. Tell me where can you find golden chicken pls!!


I can see one counter to it, Tany.

but only one turn it outspeeds tany it’s the end.

Then it’s not a counter… I have 2, or situationally, 3: tryko stegod and sometimes tragod. But very little chance to kill it fore its runaway.

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Once (if ever) I get mine to L24, I’m swapping Dilorach for it.

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I don’t find Erlidominus that oppressive, he lacks the offensive presence that his ancestor got, since he’s stopped by anything that has armor or shields. The only thing i find strong on it is its ability to outspeed Velo at turn 2.

There is a reason he was bumped to Tyrant tier after this update…

…that said I got very lucky and one shot it twice yesterday lol. But yeah it’s a strong dino.


yeah, but A LOT of people start a higher level spinotasuchus now and while it can’t bleed it, critical impact (?) can easily one shot it if it crits. always gone in 2 hits max unless it dodges :pray:

honestly i think it’s damage:HP ratio is excessive. at 23 it can crit for nearly 8000 but has 2500 HP… why? Its meant for dinos like utarinex, etc. Why does it need to do twice the needed damage at the expense of getting one-shotted so often :joy:


Haven’t had much issue with erlidom, but every time I face one I seem to get drac g2 in lineup so must have something to do with it lol

I swapped my stegodeus into one yesterday, it got 1 shot by crit rampage :sob::sob::sob:

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