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Erlidominus will 77 speed is faster than dino with 110?

I used SS to lower Erldiom’s speed, and Erlidom used MSS to reach 77 speed, KOing my dino. Sent out new a dino with 110 speed, and Erlidominus was still considered faster. Ended up costing me the match…


What was Erlido’s base speed?

Keep in mind thar stats are displayed wrong many times. Is should be fixed asap, I even prefer old, invariable stats than new, variable but often bugged and displaying wrong

Yes, quite often speed or damage is displayed at the reduced red text amount even going into the next turn when it should no longer be reduced. It’s deceiving if you are not counting turns in your head.

It’s a bug to add to Ludia’s growing list.


Btw I’d prefer they didn’t make the changes on display! Sometimes I want to look at my opponent’s base stats to plan ahead, but if it’s changed by some buff or status effect, I have to do the math to know the base stat, which is not always possible.


Just did the math, and an Erlidom with speedup and slowed down once would still be at 110 or 111 speed. That’s unboosted, so it can’t be lower than that.

Never trust Ludia’s displays.

They’re fixing a lot of bugs too like the full lobby bug

I haven’t had the full lobby bug since for ages, people just need to learn not to spam the invites and that problem will be almost non-existent.