Looking through the leaderboard, I noticed that Erlidominus isn’t a popular choice for the higher level players. Why is that?

It seems to have decent movesets? :thinking:

Maybe because Erlikosaurus is as rare as an unicorn?


Really? :joy: I see at least one a week at client site and the strip mall off the closest freeway exit here always spawns one at lunch time. :rofl:

Ankylosaurus and Dracorex are the unicorns for me

The moveset is not decent. Speed up can be countered with super strike. Rampage is ineffective vs armor n shield. Strike run is ok move. Cloak nowadays is overrated.


Erlidom has Immunity

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So does i-rex. N I-Rex is more useful as a legendary n erildo is a unique

It used to be crazy populars when the spoofers were taking over …
I’m a little surprised that it’s not played as frequently now either.


  • it shares common ingredient with indoraptor (objectively superior than erlidominus)

  • fusing a zone specific epic into a unique is something only those in particular locations are capable of doing (if they have the time/will/desire)

  • nullifying and slowing Dinos are ubiquitous now (take away its speed and its cloak and you really aren’t left with much)

Lol… Answered my own question :man_shrugging:t4::v:t4:


I’ve heard that some people are luckier in finding this one. But you stated yourself that it’s rarely used in the top 500. I guess many people prioritise Indoraptor for leveling so Erlidominus draws the shorter stick. And as I said, for some people Erliko is simply to rare to create its hybrid.

pretty sure they were saying that erlidominus has immunity as a response to you saying superiority strike because it does nothing to erlidominus.

and yeah, move set not great. most things you encounter at the level you unlock erlidominus have shields/armor so the rampage isn’t always super effective. and it doesn’t have shield/armor or much HP. just a cloak prayer.

Lmao at the people saying take away erlidoms speed. Clearly clueless

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That being said I’m in 20th and i use it. Don’t use it against tanks or things with shield but spinotasuchus, dilorach, utarinex, indo, magna, all get 1 shotted by cloaked rampage.

It’s also great to use it to finish something off with speedup. Make the fastest dino in the game which is nice. So no matter what u only have to dodge one attack before u drop ramp for over 4k. (Because unlike what some clueless people on this site think, u cant take its speed away) lol

Is like a i rex but whitout armor piercing like 1k less life and 125 speed what nowadays is slow cause all offensive uniques have 126+, i can get oneshoted by a utharinex if i dont dodge who is pathetic, and strike and run? Give him at least impact and run for the love of god, or defense shatering rampage instead rampague only.
Most of the top guys you are speaking have him at lvl 25+ for sure but simply is so weak atm and out of meta, they nerfed hard his life and removed a armor pier ing impact skill pre 1.3giving him nothing in exange

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Really? I can’t wave my arms in the air without hitting an Ankylosaurus around here. Ditto Allosaurus and Parasaurolophus.

I’m the opposite. No amount of epic scent capsules, incubators or driving about is netting me Ankylosaurus. 13 scent capsules and only got 2 and I can’t find it in the wild either :joy: Meanwhile, I’ve accumulated more than enough dna from these attempts to level Koola to 23. :sob:

I’ve seen two Erlikosauruses two days ago… Guess what dino despawned the moment I reached it.

I wanted to bloody throw my phone into the river 70 feet away.

I’d actually use Erlidominus if I didn’t have like level 20 Indominus but only level 15 of the Golden Chicken.

Wish we could trade the DNA we won’t use; sounds like you and I could definitely benefit.

I enjoy using Erlidominus myself. Yes, it’s situational. But it’s a personal favorite of mine. The plus side is when you lose a dino and can bring it in to kill theirs with the minimal speed up strike… it’s so game on from there. Rare moment, but so much fun when it happens. The pause after that kill, while they decide what to do since nothing they have can be faster… it’s priceless lol.

Halloween Chicken Best Chicken!

Anything that one shots Draco is good with me :grin:


Mines in my team.