Erlik out of epic scents?

Has anyone run an epic scent since 1.8 and got an Erlik?

I need 1… 1(!!) (61 DNA) to get a 10 fuse to get unique to L30 but just can’t get it to come out of the scents.

Embarrassingly have run 12 scents :scream: now:

In L2, day and night (it’s supposed to be an anytime creature)

At bus stations

I even travelled 1 hour away to where I knew there was a major bus station AND in an L2 to maximise chances…


2 Trex… I don’t need Trex :sob:

Where is the golden fleece? Is it extinct?

Please let me know if you’ve had erlik out of an epic scent. Or maybe don’t because I’ll cry.

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I’ve had the Epic Erlikosaurus from a common scent.

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And like 3+ hours a day hunting since 1.8… the only wild one I’ve seen was in a field off the motorway with no way of getting to it. Taunting me. Wahhhhh

Oh you can just… :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes::joy::sob:

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Maybe it’s spawn rate will increase next week as its on event.

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Hehe! Yes sure and then get a 100 fuse :unamused::exploding_head:


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The only consistent way is put it in sanctuary and get 50 DNA a day.

I got 4 in the 2 days after expansion. But it’s clear that has not lasted. Leveling Erlidom will need to wait.

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So today… this happened…

Yup. 2 in one day in the wild after nothing… thanks to Ludia HQ maybe someone read my post and felt sorry :sweat_smile: anyway… helllloooo L30…


Ouch, that just hurts by looking at it.

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you just gotta go to the right zone, after the 1,8 release they now spawn in z2. and remember to move every time around the dinos spawn to get a bigger chance of 2 spawns. GL hunting! :slight_smile: