Erlikogamma Hybrid ideas

Post your ideas for a potential Erlikogamma hybrid here. Be sure to include stats, moves, and a creative description.

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Rarity: Legendary

Hybrid Components: Erlikogamma + Tyrannosaurus Rex

Hp: 3600

Attack: 1700

Speed: 119

Armor: 0%

Crit Chance: 30%

Minimal Speedup Strike

Definite Pounce (deals 2x damage, causes distraction for 1 turn, removing evasive attributes and shields, bypassing armor)

Debilitating Distraction

Primordial Glare (no damage. Reduces opponent’s speed by 50% for 3 turns, stuns for the turn, and prevents swapping for 2 turns)

Immune to Distraction

No Escape

“This unusually built tyrannosaurid superhybrid has very powerful legs compared to others of it’s kind, allowing it to run at blinding speeds, as well as even jump slightly. It uses these traits to its advantage while hunting, jumping to shake the ground and cause prey to stumble.”

Designed to be an unusually fast and damaging chomper with a fantastic kit, but has the burden of below-average health for the class to balance it


I would hate another Rex hybrid. It’s used for so many already. But of course I would still get it. I can’t help myself



Rarity: Unique

Hybrid Components: Titanoboa Gen 2+ Erlikogamma

Hp: 4300

Attack: 1400

Speed: 127

Armor: 0%

Crit Chance: 5%

Minimal Speedup Strike

Precise Rampage

Debilitating Impact (deals 1.5 damage, lowers opponents attack by 75%)

Long Defense

On Escape Dust Cloud

Immune to Distraction

“Created using Titanoboa Gen 2 dna with Erlikogamma dna, this colorful snake is extremely brutal. Instead of waiting for its prey to suffocate in it’s grip, it instead prefers to swallow them alive. The only exception to this is when it clashes with other dinosaurs or members of its species”


Erlidominus G2 (seems kinda obvious)
Erlikogamma + Allosaurus GEN 2
Health: 3200
Attack: 1600
Speed: 130
Critical: 30%
Armor: 0%

  • Superiority Strike
  • Precise Pounce
  • Defense Shattering Impact
  • Cloak
    Swap In Savagery
    On Escape Ferocity

Desc: This modification of Erlikogamma was an attempt to improve upon the original Erlidominus. The result was a more crafty, intelligent, and ferocious mix of Erlikogamma and AlloG2 genes.



Rarity: Unique

Hybrid Components: Erlikogamma + Baryonyx

Hp: 4400
Attack: 1350
Speed: 129
Armor: 0%
Crit Chance: 20%

Minimal Speedup Strike
Definite Rampage
Ready to Crush
Debilitating Distraction

Immune to Deceleration
Immune to Distraction

“This fierce-looking superhybrid is actually quite lazy for its species, lazing around it’s home in swamps deep in forests, eating fish. However, when challenged or provoked, it can prove itself as one of the most dangerous creatures to ever exist.”


I like that idea, no legendary, Grypolyth won’t be so lonely anymore.

Hopefully it doesn’t look like a giant chicken thing. 3 unique chicken things are enough for me.

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I know this isn’t gonna work but what the heck
indominus rex+ erlikogamma
10 %
armor piercing strike
deliberating distraction
armor piecing rampage
immune to swap prevention

Erlikogamma + Baryonix

Health 3460
Attack 1300
Speed 127
Crit 20%
Armr 00%

Minimal Speed up strike
Mutual Fury / Ready-to-Crush
Definite Rampage
Debilitating Impact
Immune to Swap Prevention.

This fast creature uses it’s incredibly long digits to spear fish. It’s enhanced agility makes it a better Fisher than it’s parents, though it can’t stand staying wet for long.

Edit. Sorry, I read through all of the comments and found @ketchup 's Baryonyx hybrid. I feel bad/silly that it’s literally a couple comments above my version.

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(Erlikogamma + hatzegopteryx)

3800 HP
129 SPD
5 crit
0 armor
1350 DMG

Superiority strike
Precise pounce
Debilitating distraction
Devastation and run (deals 3x damage, automatic swap, cooldown 2 delay 2)

Swap in defense

Immune to deceleration

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If this ever becomes a real thing, it NEEDS to be a feathered snake, like Quetzalcoatl

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(Erlikogamma + Purrasaurus)

Health: 3400
Attack: 1300
Speed: 128
Critical: 20%
Armor: 15%


  • Minimal Speed Up Strike
  • Precise Pounce
  • Debilitating Strike
  • *Vulnerability Impact


  • Immune to Swap Prevention
  • No Escape

*Vulnerability Impact - Deals 1.5 damage. Target is vulnerable for 2 turns.
CD: 1 turn

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I liked this idea so much, I decided to sketch it. Here you go


For everyone who submitted Erlikogamma X Baryonyx hybrids



~2700 HP
~1450 attack
~131 speed

•Debilitation (Opponent damage reduced 75%, deal 1x)
•Deliberate Sidestep
•Raking Pounce (delay:1, cooldown:1)
•Evasive Impact

•Immunity to Deceleration
•Immunity to Swap-prevention

The ultimate fusion of avian and non-avian dinosaur, this hot-blooded superhybrid is more intelligent than most, able to manipulate it’s environment to gain the upper hand in a battle. Able to set traps and predict opponent movements, the nocturnal Nyctodromeus’ dark colouration helps it move unseen under cover of darkness, as it uses its excellent hearing and large eyes to track down a meal-to-be.

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Erlikospyx G2 lol


I like that one. :slight_smile:

Floofy boop noodle



Allosaurus + erlikogamma

Health 3500

Attack: 1560

Speed: 127

Minimal speed up strike

Rampage and run

Distracting Impact

Amor piercing rampage

Minor rending attack counter attack

It’s the first legendary chicken

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