Erlikogamma not in the wild?

Correct me if I’m wrong, but since Erlikogamma is a Epic non super hybrid, shouldn’t it be out in the wild? Every other non super hybrid Epic is.

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its not. At least not in the spawn table.

It’s weird though, I even checked the Field Guide, but it’s not there. I wonder why? It should be in the spawn table.

Ask Ludia. They forgot to put it anywhere.


I was hoping a moderator would say they would ask the team or something. Guess not though.

@ned any chance you could try and find out for us please?

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Hey Phil, it’s not in the wild, but I’ve forwarded the feedback to our team.



Thanks man!


Surprised to see gamma not wild but megagaia wild.

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I think erlikogamma could be a devastating creature if its maxed boosted, i enjoy using it just as much as the marsupial lion hybrid

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It’s viable for a unique as well. I’m hoping for one with this and alloraptor as well.

Maybe they plan to do a hybrid hunt week? No point putting it in the wild if they have something like that in the pipeline.

I mean, it doesn’t make much sense not putting it in the wild. All the others non super hybrids are.

Is it also strange that Megalogaia is in the wild but not Megaloceros?

Like, Megaloceros is exclusive, but you can just completely skip over that by finding the hybrid in the wild. Makes sense :man_shrugging:

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My thoughts exactly…