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Erlikogamma vs Purrolyth (Light Gore Warning)

Here’s some pretty wacky fan art of Erlikogamma decimating a Purrolyth that tried to ambush it. This was really fun to do, and took about a week to complete.


Ooooohhhhhhh bloooooooooood…

Awesome artwork tho! Very nice shading!

nice artwork well done is there any chance we can see the very same punishment / justice meted out on that RAT ( dracoceratops ) as well.?. that is one dino that truly deserves the * bloodsport treatment * … rip his lungs out, tear his head off, rip him apart from jaw to navel, turn him into hamburger mince lol
:scream: :astonished: :joy: :astonished: :scream:


Perhaps, but that one might end up being too gory to post here, I’ll probably end up posting that one on my Instagram page (the_raptor_lad)

Bring on the blood!!


Are you planning to do more of these?

Yes, I’m currently doing Dilorano vs Dracoceratops. It’s gonna end up being too brutal to post here though lol


I want to see that xD maybe message me it here instead of post if you think it will be too much.

Send us a link when your done… >:D

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What program do you use for this?

Sketchbook Pro for iPad

Thanks I will see if that is in Google Play store. Lol

I actually really like Gamma. I just wish it had more health. Such a fragile creature.


dont worry about * possibly too much gore * for the RAT we would honestly love to see that horrible little beggar get his just desserts so go for it post your pic of draco getting ripped to shreds on here and i am certain almost 185% of us would dearly love to see it as well.!. lol

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Alright, you’ve twisted my wing, here’s a work in progress of Dilorano carrying the rat, will add all the guts later