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Looks awesome and was very easy to get. Looks like a feathered Erlidom and raptor crossover. Going to call it Muppet because it reminds me of a deranged Sesame Street character


I’ll name it “Kevin”


The first think i thought Wow it’s so beautiful!
And the way It jumps though, it’s such a cool animation! If the chicken battle royale in real life happened i would bet on this one now haha

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i love the design and move-set but stats are kind of “meh” to be honest, besides speed i guess…

if i’ve calculated it right by comparing it with other crratures with similar attack/damage and/or hp, it has/will have 2700 health and 1300 attack/damage at level 26, which atleast in my opinion is kind of low, but then again it is pretty darn fast, has a pretty good move-set and is fairly easy to unlock and level up as long as you have the erlikosaurus gen 2 dna for it


Oh I have that DNA for days upon days

by the way, here’s my erlikogamma:

i think i’ll call her “Gam” or “Vulture” (because if you remove the last “ma” in gamma you get “Gam”, which means “Vulture” in swedish), and also because she seems to have atleast somewhat of a vulture neck aswell, or “gam nacke” as we call it here in sweden

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I am already out of Charlie DNA. Lol

Kevin’s a girl? :rofl:

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Really? I’m the oddball out I guess. I think this bird looks stupid. It looks just like erliko but more muscular. I do however like the colors.

I’m just over these erliko, thero-whatever they’re called species. I’ve always thought they were ugly. Big ostrich looking thing. I was sooo disappointed once I saw that the indominus rex hybrid looked like erliko.

Then once I saw the erlikospyx silhouette I was thinking it looked so cool. Then I saw what it really looked like and was let down.

The dilorancheirus or whatever was disappointing too because dilophosaurus is such an awesome and unique looking dino. Then it too became a victim of this style dino.

But anyways erlidomimus is my highest level unique at 29 and erlikospyx is second at 28 haha. So the goal is to get these ugly chicken heads to max level then I’ll work on this new one. At least to level 15 until we know what type of hybrid it’ll get.

Anyone I hope we get no more ostrich body style hybrids.

“because it reminds me of a deranged Sesame Street character”
Oh god it does

Thanks for posting the stats. Looks sick.

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I’m calling it Ralph Needlenose lol


Now that is funny as hell!!

Username Carter #2103

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I call it the fat chicken :grin:

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Fat “necked” chicken?
No, I call her fluor, short for “fluorescent beauty”