Erlikosarous Gen 2 OP! (YTuber Mention)


This dinosaur a Rare in late game will be super powerful and more useful, I’ve gradually starting using Erlikosarous Gen 2 after leveling to 9 and my dinosaurs around 14+ and I’ve now I’ve got my first legendary dinosaur… Stegodeus… But I still needed a dinosaur that could be as fast or even faster than the velociraptor and have the ability to nerf its pounce … Even with a low level of dinosaur … Well I figured a way to counter the OP dino, if a tank gets in first Stegodeus and the opponent goes for the raptor or even velociraptor it will get a pounce off and more likely to switch out knowing it will die next hit so … It will eventually switch back in after the switched dinosaur dies so… Erlikosarous gen 2 jumps in with its amazing rampage attack then its speedup ability to finish and kill off that dinosaur since you can go first genuinely after all it has 129 speed!! That’s better than the epic version! With 128 speed!
And ofc the Velociraptor won’t then stand a chance or any raptor , because you have that speedup ability for 3 turns, so go for the rampage then finish it off :sunglasses::sunglasses::sunglasses:
The last dinosaur you can nerf its attack even with 75% less damage for 2 turns!!! Not one but 2!!! Turns
and then just Rampage it :raised_hands:

Guys a YouTuber mentioned this dinosaur and how its super good, one of the top 10 ingame players own a level 21 epsyrn version of it! (Jellous much :joy:) I’ll link his YT account below! I am subscribed :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


It is not OP. I use both gens quite a lot in my team. Their HPs are very low and easy to kill actually. Raptors can 1hko pounce them if they are slower, tanks can wall them and if timed well can kill them in a few turns, even rexes can chomp them.
They are quite balance in terms of stats.
But yes if one on one, the rare Gen 2 is very good. The Gen 1 Epic is useful for team swapping strategy.


Very nice dinosaur, and yes I find it great for when it has the speedup ability active other than that its easily taken out, so I do avoid putting it in first since its KOed fast but a good fast dinosaur nevertheless, it was more used earlyar than now I’ll say I don’t see it anymore in the arenas, was wanting that to change however :wink: , I do hate facing it


Strategically we let it loose when an opponent’s slow dino is close to dying. You use the minimal strike to speed up and wait for the next dino to come in. If a raptor you rampage, if something big or tanky you stun