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Erlikosaurus gen 2? No longer wild?

So I’ve not seen one of these in the wild for about two months now. Why is it every time this game releases a hybrid they then reduce or practically remove the dino’s needed to create it!? Now you just have to spend months earning small amounts of dna in the sanctuary’s…which is super slow…and super tedious! Then you finally get enough and behold…the dna fuses only grant you 10dna per fuse! Screw you ludia

I see them quite a bit. Do you live in their new zone? They got moved last update if I remember rightly

They still local 2

No shortage of them in Local 2; see at least a couple a day.

Well I live in the southwest of uk…and seems we don’t get Erliko or Draco in the wild. Or any actual useful dinos

Today I’ve spotted one in local 2, so I guess they’re still there.

I live in Scotland mate, it’s just your zone. The one where my house is has crappy dinos that I don’t need also, but that’s the game. You gotta find the place where they spawn and farm there

Subject to change once 1.9 drops; I’m in the South West UK too.

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That blue bird is harder to get than the baryonyx and the spino! It’s just insane.

Really varies I’m hoping with daily spawn nerfs the local rares especially day time will come back