Erlikosaurus hybrid pursuit

I thought Erlikosaurus was gonna spawn in all areas this week but in my experience I have found them only in its normal area, anybody has had a different experience? … also Monday and Tuesday it spawn a lot but Wednesday and today very low spawn rate… how about you guys?

I won a rare scent today in the tower. I launched it in my home zone (Z3) in hope of getting Argentinosaurus. To my surprise I got three Erlikosaurus’ from the scent. I went on a trip earlier this week that was in zone 2 and got a few Erlikosaurus’ there. Yesterday I found one in zone 1.

I have been seeing it. Of course not as much as I would like but there’s never enough lol. Some days I find a good handful like 5 or more. Today I think we saw 2. But it’s been a decent week for my girlfriend and I for this hybrid pursuit with baryonyx and erlikosaurus. I hope you find some.

It’s very good to know that cause tomorrow I cannot go to an are 2 but I can pop out a rare scent… thank you for sharing!

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Thanks Phil… I have caught several the first 2 days and you are right… they are never enough :sweat_smile:… thanks for sharing!

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I thought I went to Erlikosaurus heaven with that scent. Lol :rofl:

I’ve launched some rare scents during my trip (Z2) and was fairly lucky to get at least one.

Crossing my fingers more Erlikosaurus comes your way. :blush:

Let us know how your progress goes. If not, I’ll start posting some wanted posters. :wink:

Oh that is why I keep seeing those spawn here in Local 1… not a lot but I’ve gotten a few.

I saw at least 4 today in L4. Pretty good spawns here me.

I travel about 250 miles every weekday at work and I see at least 10-20 of them every day. Twice as many as when Bary g2 was out.

I’ve seen so many I got spyx from 21 to 23 in a week. Granted, I did get a 50 on one of the fuses, but whatever. Erlik gen 2 used to kill velos for me in the old meta, so it’s one of my favorites to see. Has a really cool coloring too

I see it a lot, it spawns both in my area, in parks (with Rare scent especially) and in zone 2 even more. (went Erliko hunting with epic scent, only found rare Erlikos, Rajasaurus, T.Rex, and SpinoG2 instead, but was still well worth the trip.)