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Erlikosaurus or Sinoceratops tomorrow?

No uniques yet, should I farm for Thor or Erlidominus?

Since 1.12 Sinoceratops is slightly easier to find than Erli because it also spawns at night.
Erlidominus seems to be way more popular than Thor in endgame though, but if you don’t have any uniques yet then I suggest going for the easier to obtain one when it comes to all its ingredients, and that’s Thor.

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Thor is way easier to get, but without boosts is a pretty ordinary Dino.
Erlidom is a Dino that so many people use throughout as it is a great lead Dino, has the ability to take dinos like Thor out in one, and isn’t so reliant on heavy boosting.
So at the end of the day it’s a tough one, but as you’ll need 200 Erli for every fuse I would go with that.

Early game Thor can be pretty good.
A good tactic is to put all of your boosts into it.
Against lower arena opponents if you draw him you will most likely win.
If you’re in it for the end game, Erliko would be your best bet.

Both. In fact Darwin would be good aswell, vexus rocks and daryx can be good if you know how to use it.


I’ll dart Darwin for my Vexus

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Erliko. Thor is pretty rubbish, and Erlidom will serve you better than either of the Darwin hybrids.

Definitely Erliko for Erlidom. Thor is no longer nearly as good as Erlidom unless overboosted/overleveled. And Utarinex is only meh.

Darwin for Vexus, I know I’m bizarre lmao


Erlidom is indeed a great leading dino, but its usefulness appears to be declining as Quetzorion users rise. Maybe it’s just me, but I find there are way more Erliko events compared to Sino lately (I’ve got 7k+ spare Erliko DNA and I won’t be using anymore).

Thor on the otherhand, whilst overrated, can net you some battles in the lower arenas.

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I used to think both Erlidom and Orion were overrated. Lately I’ve learned to like Erlidom. Besides being great for most special events, it can also be pretty useful for my team. Orion, on the other hand, I still don’t find it much useful. It’s probably just me, idk. It’s benched on my team.

And I never liked Thor and still don’t. It’s only good if it is very overboosted, otherwise, many legendaries are better. Since I never OBed it… It was on my team for a while since it was easy to get, but now is also benched and will never come back.

About Orion, it’s like… If boosts didn’t exist, it would be good, as it is one of the fastest dinos. But with boosts, if the opponent is faster, then Orion is completely useless. It was on my team for a while also, and most of the time it was useless.

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Sometimes that does happen, though thankfully most of my speed boosts are given immediately to either Utasino or Quetzorion so it’s not common. I’ve had Quetz on my team for quite some time now, and even though she’s not as well boosted as Utasino or even Indoraptor, she’s proven to be essential to my crew.

That being said, I do hear what you’re saying. Thanks to that 1-turn delay, she definitely requires a lot of work to find out the best methods of use. And if you don’t find them… Yeah, she can be useless.

Mind showing us your team so we can see what helps?

I’m going to all out darting on darwin. I want vexus. Bad.

Orion is with level 23 way lower then my other uniques and it is still bonkers.
I will get this fast boy to level 30.

Back to topic:
1.Erlidom always usefull and strong!!!
2.Vexus doing pretty good since her HP buff (Immune meta still hurt her).
3.Thor is a low/early game unique. If you like gambling with 40% crits and 75% stuns then go for thor. (Unboosted thors losing to nearly any other endgame relevat dino)
4.Stygidarix… oh boy. Since release it is underperforming as hell. Stygi at first looks intresting, but the desing makes no sense at all.
(4500hp is good but no armor/shield to back it up. 1000dmg with only 1x multiplier is nothing. 128 speed is to slow for other speedsters. While he could be the bleed king, his swap in and passiv are desinged for something else.) Also suffers even more from the immune meta then vexus.

Chose Erlikoceratops is the best choice

Erildom is a meme. No defense breaking attacks whatsoever and gets shut down in a variety of ways. I’d honestly go with Thor even though he too is vastly overrated.

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Thanks so much for the replies :scream: