Erlikosaurus problem!

I dont seem to discover Erliko yet, does anyone know why?? The only think that comes to mind is that i have to be a higher level?? Help!!

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erliko is an epic dino. at level 20 it can then be used as an ingredient to unlock erlidominus. erliko is very hard to find in the wild and is not included in any event.

From beginning till now, I am still fusing to get Erlido. Still baffles me that I see some top teams with level 26 and above ones.

The golden chicken is like almost ‘extinct’ and when spotted, it’s like you have won the lottery.


Like this ?

Also… not my picture lol

That’s crazy! Maps are so unbalanced.


I know that, but why i havent spotted one? Im level 12 is the only dino that still has jurassic worlds logo

because its r a r e

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I think it’s just got the worst spawn rate in the game


I live, work and also commute to a place that are all area 3… but I ain’t drowning in golden chicken drumsticks! :slight_smile:

Saw one while being a passenger in a car, going through a highway and the chicken was just out of reach…

I’ve never seen one in the wild. Mine is only level 12 because I got DNA from incubators. I think from the first few strike events.

They say he’s elusive in his in game description but he’s living up to it too much

That damn golden chicken is a sight for sore eyes! I commute to work everyday just looking for that thing and nothing! It’s been months since I saw the last one!

Happens alot after i fused my tryostronix…
Im playing with gorgosuchus a lot and his FS is the second move, while tryo has it as last move … oh lord i missclicked that way to often :confused:

Erlikosaurus used to be a lot easier to find, but it seems to disappear after the 1.4 (or 1.3…) update. Now it’s more like a myth … I think most of the Erlidominus are created back in the earlier days.

I actually got one from the epic scent when it first came out. Darted my 2nd one last night in Zone 1 when I was out looking for Sino.