Erlikosaurus Speed Glitch - Faster than Velociraptor?


Both my husband have recently fought in battles in the arena where our common Velociraptor (speed listed as 132) was pitted against a legendary Erlikosaurus (speed listed as 128). In both of our fights, somehow Erlikosaurus got speed advantage and went first, which naturally meant our Velociraptors were killed swiftly.
Anyone else having this issue?
Is there something I’m not taking into consideration which is causing this?
It’s only been in the last day or so. Thanks!


did she have a chance to use her minimal speed up strike before she faced your raptor? or was it your both first dinos? I got caught out by a level 14 and it wiped my entire team lol


No speed up strikes or slowdowns. The Erlikosaurus entered the arena and immediately got speed preference. And at least my Velociraptor hadn’t gotten any previous strikes from another dinosaur that would slow it down either.


thats weird then as obviously without added abilities, speed is the go to… maybe @dinolord can shed some light? haha, seems to be a fountain when it comes to this stuff haha


What were the level differences between your Dino and the opponent’s Dino?


Yea I’ve seen this but I don’t have that dino so I couldn’t tell you if it’s a glitch or if it has a act first move? Also sometimes I don’t clue into the speed up from the smaller attack moveset u gotta watch for that… but for sure I’ve seen my raptor die plenty of times from this Dino’s attack , but I can’t Pin it because I don’t have him unlocked yet i can’t test the bugger out yet !! I’m short a few DNA and it drives me BONKERS!!

I just always assumed it was a act first move he had??
Anyone know??



I like using Erlikosaurus Gen 2 (rare). But normally will not be as the first dino. I would wait for the best chance to set up (opponent’s dino almost dead). It will enter and do the normal speed up attack - 10% increase for 3 turns, then next dino comes in either rampage if Vraptor or the special attack which decreases 75% attack for 2 turns. Erlikosaurus (epic) has higher health and attack but slower (128) compare to its 2nd gen (129) and its third attack is attack and swap.


here’s the attattributes for Erlikosaurus at lv11


Erlikosaurus is Epic.
Erlikosaurus Gen 2 is rare.

If it was Legendary it might be a different dinosaur (which is why it could go first.)


There’s a unique one, but I don’t know about a legendary one…


But according to the original poster, both of them started with Vraptor… which has the highest speed. Unless they are facing erlidominus, the unique hybrid that has cloak…


True, Common Velociraptor is the fastest dino in the game so I’m not sure what happened.

Both the Erlikosaurus (Rare and Epic) have a basic attack called minimal speedup strike which would place it above Velociraptor in terms of speed though.


Yup, I like to use that strategy as well. Bring in either one to an almost dead dino, use the move and next dino even if a vraptor, I got to go first with Rampage. :rofl:
But if we look at the poster’s reply - she said immediately attack without any set ups or debuffs. Must be a hacker then?


So, it happened to my husband again.
The glitch seems to happen when a regular Velociraptor goes up against an Epic Erlikosaurus. Neither one has done a speed up or slow down attack or received one from a previous opponent. It happened to him this time at the beginning of the game, so neither one had done anything yet.
Think we need some support on this!


This happen to me. At least a couple of times


Hey hazelnutmegan, thanks for bringing this to our attention! This is new to me, but our team has been made aware of this issue and would like to investigate this further. You can assist our team by emailing them here at with your support key and any information or screenshots you have.