Erlikosaurus where to?

So I am in zone 3, i pop epic scents at least twice a day and still have not seen Erliko. Non stop spino gen 2 and brachio. Am I doing something wrong?

They jusr decided to make this one super rare. It doesn’t spawn for the Special Event Dinos of the week events either.

Forget about that dinosaur. It is better to think that it does not exist. I’ve been playing since June (6 months) and I’ve seen it twice. Thanks to incubators and events mine is level 15 (well, actually it’s level 11 but I have enough DNA to evolve it to 15) while the average of my team is already 23 (a while ago I was top 500 worldwide). Therefore, forget even more about Erlidominus. In my case, the calculation is fast. If in 6 months I got 900 Erlikosauro DNA and I need about 4500 more DNA to merge Erlidominus, in a couple of years I could get this creature in level 21 … no comments :slight_smile:


I am not 100% sure if I am in zone 3 (office) but I found Erliko during day 3-times here in past 5 months. And 2x of them was like with-in past few days.

Today I bought and pop-up a Epic scent hoping to see another one (230/250 of my Unique); but really didn’t found him.

Got like 5x other Epics:

2x Mono
1x Spino gen 2
1x T-rex
1x Spinotator (or whatever hybrid epic name is)

Not bad but still I would like to see Erliko to get my unique :frowning:

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I am 210/250 for erlidominus but have not seen a erliko in at least 2 months.

But that means that you had obtained more or less 4000 Erlikosauro DNA previously and I do not remember many events in which they appeared !!!

I found one but unfortunately he was inside a strike tower :unamused:

Used to get very lucky on level up and arena incubators. Also 1.3 time I used to see at least once a week.