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What are your thoughts on Erlikospix? End game material?

If it is pretty good, what are the optimal boosts for it?

I’ve fight some fast ones for sure, but there are so many resilient moves that wipe away distraction now …

Spyx is a solid creature that’s definitely worth considering. It’s essentially a hard counter to Thor in every way possible (though Thor isn’t as Powerful as it once was) and it can deal some hefty damage.

Sure there are quite a few creatures with resilient moves…but not every Dino has them. Definitely consider it


If you have trouble dealing with over levelled Thors with tons of boosts then this is probably one of the best options. 6k damage in 2 turns when revenge-killing can really come in handy. Plus Distraction Resistance helps with stuff like Magna and Monolometrodon.
Even Ardentismaxima has trouble now that it lost Distraction resistance.

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DONE!!! Thank you both!!!

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Excellent counter to Thor and magna, does great against anything that can’t slow it down or outspeed it.