Erlikospyx advice

So I just created this guy and as I already knew he had good attack, great speed, but horrible health. Classic glass cannon. I know he is good and useful but I was wondering when that happens? Even at 26 t5 stats he’s still not great in health with that rat around. Can anyone offer some advice?? Thanks so much!

You can use her as a rat killer. Her can one-shot the rat at the same level.

In additional, she is excellent against all non-immune creature thanks to her deliberate distraction which greatly reduce attack to 25% for two turns.

Use her as a revenge killer with basic attack and you will out speed any dino in the game unless they is speed overboosted.

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In the beginning I open with it, first battle. Nowdays I play it as the 2-3 dino.

Have worked better for me.

Level 25, 5/6/6

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Thanks for the advice guys. I currently have it at 22 with t5 stats now so just waiting for more gold to continue leveling him.

He seems to me like an erlidom and dilorach hybrid based on the stats. I want to like him and get him on my team because I’m ready for a shakeup, but I think that might be a while…