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Erlikospyx Boosts

I am close to unlocking Spyx Due to the new datamine concerning the resilient changes I feel that this guy will rise in viability and will want to put him on my team when I unlock him. What is a good boost spread for this guy? I know to focus on attack and speed but I don’t know the best balance. If possible please recommend some boost spreads.

Any help is appreciated!

This is what I’m going to going for personally

I’d honestly just recommend 0/15/15.

There’s not much point in putting in health because most endgame Resilients will easily take it down in one or two hits, regardless of it’s health stat, and most Mortems will do the same if they CRIT on the Cleansing Impact.

But having an even spread of attack and speed will let it put a serious dent and setup the swap in/revenge kill most unarmored Resilients and practically destroying most Fierce and Cunning creatures, and if it CRITs it will absolutely one shot the latter two classes (unless they have armor).


Yup, don’t waste any boost on health

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Do not fully agree on it. During the last boost reshuffle I have tested a 10/10/10 split and it works surprisingly well.
It does survive a cleansing impact from Mortem (even with crit), still does a lot of damage and is fast enough for the current meta.

Not saying that 0/15/15 is wrong. But the additional HP on my Spyx have saved me more than once…


I am using 0/20/10 for Spyx boosts.

My Arena score is normally around 6400 and I’m always in The Shores.

Right now it’s on of my best creatures at lvl 28, here’s the stats

I haven’t boosted her a lot but she’s still a beast and a pain for most all my opponents.

I would recommend 0/15/15.

But as there r mortem with cleaning impact and tryko will high attack and Cera swaps in. Amma say u can give it some hp 4-5 boost (max).

But make sure the speed is 160. And attack 2300+

Why 160 speed? In my opinion this is just s wast of speed boosts.
In the endgame you mainly have to be faster than the fierce creatures. Cunning vs cunning is not that present anymore.

Better invest in more attack or even some HP.

Spyx (not just spyx but every cunning) needs to be faster then other cunning or Feirce-cunning like megna to beat them.

And in the endgame 160 speed should be faster then most of them but even then not the fastest. Cuz there will still faster creature and as they r fast they will beat em. But yeah I know I know mortem can clean also tryko cleanse and Cera or mono can swap in and that case it needs more hp. But think about it, without a good amount of speed it can’t beat compy and it will make the job easier to beat a megna or other cunning if it’s faster. And obeouely u would like to save spyx even if it’s almost death only if it’s the fastest

Spyx has distraction and 2 rampage (on revenge). I don’t really think it needs hp but again it’s technically a old theury. But hey it’s my oppenion.

Your oppenion is also right sometimes and also mine, sometimes. (I guess)

Happy cake day! :cake: