Erlikospyx needs a nerf!

One of the only uniques I’ve ever faced that NOT ONLY gives you a revenge distracting rampage, but allows you to follow it up with a precise rampage that also distracts, AND an instant distraction. Basically zero cool downs or delays.

Erlikospyx is extremely overpowered in its resistances as well. 100% crit reduction, 100% damage reduction, 100% bleed, almost 70% stun.

Y’all went and nerfed an apex (refren) but not this broken piece of garbage?


This is a joke right?


is this actually a threat

Don’t forget it has insanely high hp for a cunning, it’s the avg fierce hp.

Erlikospyx has been OP since forever but people keep excusing it, cause there are worse ones out there. It needs to lose something.

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A: well its kinda made out of a fierce

B: it isnt that high up in the meta; probably 15-20; not that big of a threat even if the others are excused



i havent laughed this hard in awhile

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No resilients?


Naah erlikospyx is perfect it destroys Indom’s and scorps which is perfect


Refren got buffed my dear friend, and spyx is one of the most balanced uniques, and oh, you say one of the main reasons it’s Broken is due to a rampage spam on revenge?, welp, allow me to tell you about Albertocevia:

A 3713 instant damage on revenge + a 4950 damage rampage afterwards, dealing 8663 damage.

And also, it’s got a very few counters, unlike spyx, that can be pretty much well managed by resilients in general, i’d say even meiolania is able to defeat it even, not totally sure about it, though.


One word:


tell me, who uses erlikospyx to break the arenas?

A: close but no cigars (4500)

B: if it faces something with 20+ armor or distraction resistance, it doesnt fare that well

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Haha, you in aviary or smth? :laughing:


depends on the circumstances of the battle. if it faces off against something like a scorpius or an average fierce, it will win. But if it has not too many boosts and in comes a fully boosted Dio or something along the lines, it willl probably lose

Gemini, Testa, Mammolania, Entelolania, Dio, Skoona, Orion(?), Parathops(?), Antven, Troodoboa, Monolorhino(?), Maxima(?), Ankylomoloch, Alankylosaurus, Stegodeus, Mammotherium and a large etc…

Can manage spyx pretty well, its not Broken and even less with all those busted powercreeping new dinos such as fukuimimus.


exactly says slowly thats what im saying

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I actually had to google Erlikospyx to make sure I was thinking about the right creature here. Are you seriously discussing this? I’m just gonna guess you’re probably in a lower arena and hasn’t been introduced to the real OP monsters…


I dont know if i should laugh or be concerned about this post.


im hoping this thread is a joke spyx is a good and balanced and dont need any change any unique resilient with armor and resilients moves just hard counter it i can give you some counters mammolania,entelolania,diorajasaurus,geminititan,testacornibus,etc… and if u are low leveled ankylodactylus,ankylomoloch,dreadactylus,ankylodicurus and mammotherium can put some decent damage on it or beat it